A little SKoH update

The main characters in Some Kind of Heaven are 17 and 13.  Their story is not a regular love story.  They have known each other all their lives.  He’s known her since she was in her mother’s womb.  He’s a bit weird that way.  Don’t want to say much else because I’m very close and you will get to know soon enough how their love evolves from brotherly, friendly love to full blown… you’ll see.  Don’t panic.  You have to read the entire story to get it.  You can’t and wont get it from excerpts and part 1 will leave you wanting more.  I hope.  LOL.

I’ve been working on Chapter 7 on and off today and of course music has played an important part of this.  I’ve been looping this song every time I got the chance to work on 7.  It has nothing to do with the story line really but it kind of puts me in a mood to get into and write the teen girl voice.  Umm… sort of.  It’s a very adult song but it’s my head space.  Not apologizing for it, just saying that it set the mood for what I was writing, working on.

It has been a weird day for me.  I’ve been a bit off and didn’t get to day 74.  It will be out in a while.  Ha!  I’m sure y’all will survive. You are all wonderful friends.  I love you dearly!

Trying to get used to these regular posts… no day title.  Almost done with those. Wow!


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