100 DoRaM: Day 74 – My Crazy and Her Sane Insanity

Yeah… well… f… I don’t curse! Okay! Crowded up in my head right now. Full of voices that are both lunacy and conjugating verbs to full capacity. I mean full blown LOCA up in there! Lava is my middle name right now… demons. Yes – multiple heads those demons. I gotta let them out now. Crazy rambles of damn you and forks! Lots of forks! No spoons! Just full-blown forks! I mean the kind that hurt. There is nothing nice about them. I’m surviving though. Yeah… forking love those demons. Yeah… bloodletting the love into screams and shouts. No tearing my hair out because well… I kind of like it in tact you see… but the rest of me… pieces.

Stones on my chest and spikes in my throat! Shoes! Hurts! Have you ever had one of those stones on your chest? Heavy as shoes! Recommend it though… cleansing those stones. You forking feel alive! It’s like… shoes! Those spikes… they’re like good in a way. You can’t talk. You can’t. You can vomit though. Tasty trash gurgle. Damn! My mouth is forking bitter now! Forking passion abyss! Tender forking strokes to my heart. Can’t breathe as I choke on this feeling! Bleeding the chest out and scratching the lump in my throat. F… I mean fork! Ha!

My body hurts and I’m not writing… but I am LIVING. Still alive. Breathing out and back in. Yeah… LOCA but I can survive. I can thrive because… I’m not alone. I’m not… but I’m crazy because… I just am. This whole WP is forked up! Emotions… forked up! Love is… forked up! Writing… not so forked up. I kind of like it… just a little. I mean… a whole lot!

This day is forked up too! It’s a lost day my 74. One for the records. You know the vinyl kind that you want to cut up to decorate your room in all black vinyl musicals. Yeah those. Ha! ENOUGH!

© 2017 Mel Gutiér

Sorry y’all. LOL. Been a weird day and this just had to come out this way for… forked up reasons. I had to do it. But I know I’ve sort of missed a day. I’m not going to dwell on it. I’m going to keep going. Phew!  I feel so much better! 100%… DONE!

I’m hoping to give a shout out to some of you every weekend. I’ve done the CLEVER thing. That was so fun! Today, shout out to… Her Sane Insanity! That sexy brain has got it going on living a not so jaded life! She’s going to rule the world one sore brain at a time. I’m grateful to her for all the wonderful word stories. They’re short and sweet. Perfect break from my head. Go taste some of that. She’s amazing!

Oh! I’m excited about the song for this post! I love this track. It just puts me in such a great mood. So cathartic and it suited me so well today.

Love y’all… so much! (*wink*)

Thank you for reading and for listening.



20 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 74 – My Crazy and Her Sane Insanity

  1. Forking and spooning, two of my favorite things to do. But you said no spoons, so that leaves forking. You can put both of them in drawers, though. That kitchen sees a lot of action. There must be some cooking in there. Now I’m hungry, and I need a fork to forking eat with. What the fork? Salad fork? Giant fork? Fork in the forking road? Where are we going? A forking drive?

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