Not sleeping – Jolt!

Just a pick me up for those not sleeping and for those waking up to their day.  Wishing you lots of good stuff to get you through whatever!

Writing a little and hopefully getting day 76 out soon.  I did sleep some already so I feel refreshed and this track is getting me through a lot.  It is aptly named “Still can’t sleep”.  LOL. Feel so inspired though.  Stuff is jut coming out.  Breathe sighs…

Love y’all!

32 thoughts on “Not sleeping – Jolt!

      1. If I lost my music I’d have to come over and stay with you, I could stay in the corner with the other two…. I’d be no trouble, as long i don’t have to wear the girlie scarg…

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      2. Dear friend… I’ve had a blast. My belly is full, my spirits are up but my I’m getting very sleepy. I bid you good night sweet man! Thank you so much for having me over. I’ve had a great time.



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