Matl loves Joseph – Part 1 of SKoH

Some Kind of Heaven (previously called M.A.T.L.) is an edgy coming of age story about a young woman, Matl, who is taken by storm during a pivotal year in her life. Her thirteenth birthday is just around the corner, puberty is “squeezing the woman out of the child” violently and she’s in love with her best friend from childhood, seventeen-year old Joseph. He has known her and has helped raise her since she was a baby. He is very important in her life as a feverish, intense love evolves between them, challenging her to make life changing decisions. From the very beginning you will embark along with Matl, as she narrates the happenings on a life changing journey of love, pain, patience, courage and sacrifice.

Some Kind of Heaven tests the limits of relationships and even love itself.

Count down to Part 1 of Some Kind of Heaven – MATL Book 1

Begins… NOW!


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