SKoH Chapter 2 – Fever

Ah… young love and texting.  So fun!  It happens. It was quite fun writing the texting dialogue.

In this scene… Joseph has been grounded.  Why?  Ooh… gotta read to find out! But he and Matl are texting in secret!  Delicious.

Things are definitely heating up!

JOSEPH – 7:59pm
Look out your window silly!

Rush to put my robe on. He’s here? The heart is still there, bright still. I can see a figure moving around in the back yard passed the pool. It’s him. He is taking a big risk but then I see the patio lights come on and I see Marcus walking up next to him. Joseph’s texting. A ding on my phone makes me smile.

JOSEPH – 8:10pm
I’m flipping out over you! Can’t you see!!

Look out again. He pushes Marcus aside and he’s doing back flips and forward flips and… laughter. Giddy hysterical laughter. He’s looking up and bursts out into glorious a cartwheel. Marcus is laughing. He’s clueless. I’m… big sigh.

ME – 8:30pm
I love you. You’re crazy!

JOSEPH – 8:50pm
About you!

Watching them do a few Judo moves focusing on Joseph. It’s getting cooler out. Closing window. I’m comforted by the fact that he’s thinking about me. His evident devotion sooths me. I feel invigorated, though… I’m lost and found with these strong feelings. He stirs them so deeply in me. It’s crazy!

JOSEPH – 10:07PM
I’m in bed. Hope you are too. I like that last song. I feel the same. The lyrics describe exactly how I feel about you.

Kill me now! Just put me out of my misery!

That’s it! I need more equipment. I’m fine without too much technology but I asked Mom and Dad if I could get speakers for my IPhone. I never really ask for anything like that. I mean I’m pretty low-maintenance so they freaked out all happy and they obliged me right away. I got the top of the line. Why not? They wanted to. Of course, the inevitable happened…

“Matl turn that down! I’m trying to study!”

“Matl what on earth are you listening to?”

They all went on and on and on! Me too. Loud, loud, happy, happy! Dance, dance, dance!

ME – 6:30pm
How deep is your love?

Calvin Harris – “How deep is your love”

JOSEPH – 7:01pm
Deep! So… deep! Matl… you have really good taste in music! I’m such a lucky guy!  I wish they would let you ride to school with us like before. I miss seeing you in the morning.

Yep… I’m going to die a slow death. Now!

Matl from Fever – Chapter 2: SKoH Part 1 (MATL Book 1)

© 2017 Mel Gutiér

Count down to SKoH – Part 1… continues! Yay!

Love y’all.

19 thoughts on “SKoH Chapter 2 – Fever

  1. This is amazing and beautiful, Mel! I’m so excited! I can really put myself into this story, and it’s so warm and cozy, so much love and care. I feel really good reading your novel bits! I can’t wait to read the whole thing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m sure I will enjoy it all. I’ve already enjoyed everything else about you and your work. 🙂 You’re very talented! I am in awe of you. You’re doing it! You’re amazing. I’m inspired by you! LOL I’m all over the place, but.. It’s because I’m excited! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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