Hump day jolt! Ummm… familiar?

This remix is so full of chill and adrenalin!  I’m so in love with this.  They could make a hundred of these, I wouldn’t tire of them.  Full of little surprises this.  Love all of it but I dare you to listen to the entire thing and find out.  At around 4:00 things get a little more interesting and then strong push at around 6:00 – Goodness me!!!

Okay y’all I hope you had a nice break from your whatever listening to this. Who knows… maybe you were energized or even inspired.  I know I was both when I discovered this treasure!

You know what?  You deserve a break!  You’ve been working hard and I think you should stop and listen again.  LOL.  Okay… I’m not bossing y’all around. (*wink*)  I’m just saying… this makes me feel so good.  I just want y’all to feel good too!

(*dances* *sways* *dances* *smiles*)

Happy lovely day!

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