String of Thoughts – Delicious and Sexy

Ache for your touch

Burn for your love

Desire tearing me apart

Long for your body close to mine

Passion slaying our sanity

Caress the sweet nectar of your skin

Sultry ravaging of the lips between our souls

Pain encapsulating the need for each other

Intense want for your mouth on my body

Devour you slowly with my affection

Embrace me with your devotion

Explode in ecstacy when we get together

Love painting our lives as we hold hands

Romance overtaking my every day with you

Thoughts… delicious and sexy thoughts of you

© 2017 Mel Gutiér


16 thoughts on “String of Thoughts – Delicious and Sexy

  1. Mel, this is so hot! You’re making me think things, feel things, want things…Every single line is delicious passion. I want to drink your words like a man dying of thirst. Amazing, in every word.

    i love this! It’s perfect, my lady! Dreamy! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 2 people

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