Chillin’ and stuff

Hello lovelies!!!  Hope y’all are doing well.  Yet another cool version of Intro.  This is what’s getting me through today.  I love having my head phones on and this track playing like I own it.  I’m so grateful for YouTube right now!

I love what happens at 4:00.  Then it is just a soothing jolt.  Soft and yet it punches delicately, like a kiss.  Yes… I said a kiss.  Tender and passionate at the same time. I’m a romantic.  What can I say?

Writing and reading over some pages from SKoH.  Almost there.  I can taste it.

What are y’all up to?


16 thoughts on “Chillin’ and stuff

  1. You’ve got me hooked! I love every single version of this song… and more than that, I love that a lot of other people do too, to the point they keep remixing it to create new versions.

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  2. Let’s see, what am I doing at the current moment? It’s 6:30pm EST USA, and I’m listening to this great track that you have provided while watching the snow drift down outside my bedroom window, while I have tea lights flickering all over my bedroom. How’s that for romantic? LOL!!! 🙂 (Okay… who is this track by?)

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