100 DoRaM: Day 81 – SKoH table of contents

I thought it would be fun and maybe intriguing to list the table of contents to Part 1 of SKoH.  I’m not posting any more excerpts.  I think y’all get the idea of the young love and what and where it could lead.  Yummy!  I’m very excited about getting this out.  I’ve been so nervous and I’m so close that it hurts a little actually.  Letting this whole half out?  Nerve wrecking and… amazing!

Okay so here it is.  Let me know what y’all think.

Some Kind of Heaven – Part 1 (around 170,000 words)

Chapter 1 – Under Control

Chapter 2 – Fever

Chapter 3 – Metamorphosis

Chapter 4 – Joseph (His POV)

Chapter 5 – JoMa (Both POVs)

Chapter 6 – Friction

Chapter 7 – Refuge

I think I’ve mentioned that I’m going to publish the electronic version first and I am planning to follow it with a hard copy version soon after.  Formatting is killing me.  Electronic version does not support chapter titles.  I have to include them at the first page of the start of each chapter.  It’s so not user friendly!  LOL.  Anyway lovelies… it’s happening!!

So… you want to know the theme song?  Here it is!  Gosh!!  I love this song so much.  It is a perfect take on exactly what the story is about and it also helped inspire the change of title from MATL to Some Kind of Heaven.  I was just about the finish Chapter 1, a little over two years ago, when I heard this song.  It was serendipitous!  Hope you like it!

Love y’all!

Thank you so much for reading and for listening!





16 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 81 – SKoH table of contents

  1. haha I saw part 1 and 170,000 words… Hand to the sky.. First thought was Jesus Mel that’s a lot of words… Context… I assumed the book was broken up into Parts… So book one was parts 1-4… But I was still willing to read your book even if it contained… 680,000 words… In one go…

    Super excited to read your book and can’t wait to support you… : )

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    1. You’re such a buddy!!! Thanks for your support Layne… The entire work is around 370,000 words over 14 chapters. Originally I was going to cut the chapters and make two parts that way. instead I decided to keep my chapters as is and not shorten them but rather split the novel right in half. Just so happens that Chapter 7 is actually the perfect way to end this part. And when I publish part 2, Chapter 8 is a great way to start that. So I’m happy I didn’t really change munch. But for the publishing and the reader splitting the work in half I think… works.

      You’re a doll for showing such support. Really appreciate all your feed back.

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    2. LOL… I’m very detailed oriented and I love elaborating on my characterizations. I can’t just stop at “he looked at her”. LOL. I gotta say why and who and where and give the background on all supporting characters because I have spinoff novels (two of them) LOL. I’m a mess!

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      1. haha I’m the opposite… I try for as little detail as possible… but I try to build a world within a world to expand on details… So all my works can be viewed as a whole or enjoyed by themselves… I have several ideas lined up but ONE of my next books.. haha… is this whole concept contained in only one book… I don’t like to talk about details or I won’t do it… Who knew I was strange…so sorry for being very vague…

        You’re not a mess your a writer… if we aren’t working on twenty things at the same time what are we really doing? : )

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  2. You’re some kind of heaven.

    I am excited, Mel! I can’t wait, and I’m so happy for you! This is your dream, made real. It’s awesome! I mean, how many times does that happen? 😉

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