When you look at me
I melt in your gaze
I know now, I am yours
The world renewed
All mistakes… erased
Your hand reaches for mine
It is new, but familiar
Familiar like your love
Familiar like your words
Familiar like your song
I didn’t know
Such a love could be
Such a love could live
Such a love could last
There… my hand in yours
You lead me through the fog
Ensconced in our love
Clarity… I see you
I know you
You are my love
And I am yours
Dancing now with you
Swaying to familiarity’s song
Caressed with each other’s poetry
Never wanting to part
Never wanting to leave
Never wanting… for more
You satisfy the need
You make me whole
You etch your being in mine
I belong to you
I am for you
I am moved by you
Sweet paradise
Time disrupts our encounter
Violent reminder
I ache inside
I burn and burst
This tender pain
This whole of love
This deep affection
Your hand, my hand
Your finger tips and mine
The air between our hands
Sweet and tender love
Until… we meet… again

© 2017 Mel Gutiér


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