“It made me think of you”

Such a dreamy song for a sleepy me!

Love is funny.  All things can be incorporated in love.  Romance, sex, selfishness, care, disdain, hypocracy, hurt, confusion, clarity, hate… can you think of anything else?

Not sure I’m making sense because I’m dreaming awake.  So… this makes no sense.  But I know that if we didn’t have love, we wouldn’t have the opposite of love.  Nor would we have all the characteristics of love in us.  To whatever level this reaches you.  I hope you’re happy and have love!

I love y’all!  


Mel Gutiér

8 thoughts on ““It made me think of you”

  1. We can’t have one in the world without the other. But there’s no reason we can’t set down the bad for a long long time, and finally embrace the blissful positive aspects of love, and share them with another soul. 😉😍❤

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