100 DoRaM: Day 87 – Long lost love

I can’t say really how things happen in my head.  They just do.  I have to listen to that.  It’s because, it’s me.  LOL.  I have to listen to myself.  So… I have been in a dreamy mood the whole day.  Like little sweet whispers tickling my head.  I’ve been happy, melancholy and happy again.  Mostly happy.  Mood swings you know… they get me every time. So does this song.  I love this song.  I love this movie.  I find it a very touching story.  I know it’s a cartoon but it is more a love story than anything else.  So I was listening to it and I started writing a letter of sorts.  Don’t ask.  It just came out and I thought about sharing it with you all.  Poetry… a future thought about a future love?  You take it as you will.  It is your own brain after all.

Dearest Long Lost Love,

What do you want from me?  You there in the corner looking at me with those hazel eyes.  They’re so nice and tender, loving.  I love those eyes.  Looking back at me like there is something missing.  I’d be crazy if I said you meant nothing to me.  Because you mean everything to me.  You are like the ray of sunshine after the rain, the breath after you’ve been holding it for a while.  You’re like those tiny little bites before a meal, fueling the hunger inside.  You’re the after taste of a delicious meal, leaving you in want mode, craving dessert.  I’m lost in that gaze.

What do you want?  You want my blood?  You want me?  I’ll take that as a yes.  But… you’re not a vampire.  I’m not a meal.  LOL.  I’m a fraction of you, a piece of Heaven, the love letter tucked in the infrastructure of your heart.  I’m the long lost valuable hidden in the cracks of a broken floor board.  I’m the breathe sighs of your life, the whole of your pieces.  That I am, for you make ME whole.

You… you’re my safety, my trampoline of love.  I spring from it in every direction calling out your name and letting out an eternity of breathe sighs.  You’re like Heaven to me.  You just are.

Your love for always,

Future Long Lost Love

© 2017 Mel Gutiér


Love y’all.

Thanks so much for reading and for listening.


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