Little Piece of Heaven

Breathe sigh… just feeling a little dreamy.  Writing stuff and listening to this song like I was a teenager in love. (*wink*) LOL.  Yes… it’s one of those evenings when things are a bunch of breathe sighs.

I love this track and this singer. Yeah… I’m a Taylor Swift fan.  Quit your eye rolling… music is music and I happen to think she’s a talented gal.  This track is one of her older country style songs.  I’ve loved her music since then.  She’s very versatile and her bleeds on the lyrics are always inspiring me for writing some good love scenes.  When I’m not listening to Intro that is.  LOL!

Guys… I’m in crunch mode for my book.  Life has just beat me down on time and lack of sleep.  I am so close but… it is taking me forever.  LOL. (I know I’m slacking off on the days but… that’s life.)

Love y’all.

9 thoughts on “Little Piece of Heaven

  1. I can’t wait until it comes out. I love all the stories you’re working on. I hope to read them all, and everything you write!
    Yes, as Layne said, it’s done when it’s done. You’re ready when you’re ready… and then, I’m ready to read it! 🙂 You got this, Mel! You’re so full of great ideas, we’ll all be boasting that we knew you when…

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  2. It would have been awkward if I had to say I was rolling my eyes… Thanks for making me feel normal… : )

    The book will be done when you are ready for it to be done… Don’t push yourself too hard or you might not say what you mean to say… (in a whisper)… If you could finish so we could read it that would be cool too… Hey… who said that… : ) …

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    1. Well… you’re encouraging words are not taken for granted. Not sure if it would be your cup of tea (the novel) but I am hoping it will take off and I can quit my soul crushing day job and write, write and write till my fingers bleed. LOL.

      Thanks buddy.

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      1. Despite my outgoing words of despair and my unquench thirst to purchase every black article of clothing on the planet… I am full of love, passion, and seventy percent water… haha… I spent so much time on that first sentence I forgot where I was going with this… but I like all kinds of teas… (Not real tea… Don’t tell Peter he might stop talking to me..)…

        You will quit that soul crushing job like the bad ass that you are one day… But you have to promise to take boom box and blast your favorite song as you do it… Wouldn’t feel right if you didn’t…

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      2. You are so cool! I get it! Great minds think a like!! Definitely! Said THIS great mind to that AWESOME glass chewing mind!😉

        Actually as soon as I sent that reply, I kind of regretted it. YOU will like it. You WILL like it. You will LIKE it. You will like IT!

        Yeah… I think it’s a cool love story. I have a feeling you’ll like book 3 the best. 😉 three years from now! Lol. 😅

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