DMM – Dreamy Mood Music

Let’s continue from the last post, shall we?  A dance with your beloved,  a sooth to write a poem or just relax in the moment. This stunning piece evokes such a bliss!  So soft it cradles the thoughts into life, I think.  Words in pirouettes on a white cloud, fairies in chaos lighting the way to a beautiful work.  You feel it?  It is so enchanting.  I love this.

I’ve gone somewhere else.  I’m traveling through the skies.  When I get it for music or a song, I kind of get it hard!  I’m in love and nothing else matters.  Yum!  Hope you all enjoy this as much.

Happy end of weekend and happy beginning of your week!

Much love,



10 thoughts on “DMM – Dreamy Mood Music

  1. I will have to make time to listen to all of this, properly, but I’m completely enthralled by this composer. A good and wonderful share, Mel! I appreciate this. 🙂

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  2. A dreamy song Mel. I needed some soothing, I’m in the middle of Melbourne, working, just finished, and waiting for the owner to get the Keys off me, bloody nuisance, I wanna go home. Took me 2 hours to get here this morning. Who’d want to live in a big city like this. Anyhow thanks for the music 😆😎

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