100 DoRaM: Day 90 – Why I follow… you.

Blogged this back on August 13. Now it kind of sounds like someone else wrote it.  Not me.  But seriously… why are YOU following ME?

Dear fellow blogger, if I may be so bold as to also call you friend. I follow you because I like what you have to say to me.

I imagine, you are speaking only to me. We’re sitting down having coffee or tea or… whatever you like. You laugh at my comments and then you say hey… this, that and the other. You have me laughing, engaged, enthralled, curious, anxious, terrified, angry, pensive, placated, peaceful, searching, sighing at aha moments, loving the way your prose caresses my mind and basically you have me in love with everything you have to say because it touches me somehow.

I don’t follow you so that you can follow me. (Although you are definitely most welcomed.) I genuinely like what you have to say and for me it’s a surprise whenever I click on my reader or my email. Although… I have to say my email is jam packed with all of your posts and I can’t keep up. Like you I have a life outside this blog. But I do like to take my breaks and my new favorite thing to do besides writing and listening to music, is to listen to all of your thoughts and advice and random rants and jokes and flashes and… a myriad of lose fabric that I can tie into my quilt of pleasure. Varied in content, comforting in thought.

That’s why I follow you. No other reason. Well there is connection. I feel I’ve connected with a few of you and I love that part. But I realize that it may be one sided and I don’t ever want you to be, feel obligated to come over to my end of the blogosphere just because. However, again, you are most welcomed always and I hope that if you do, you find a little nook in which you can enjoy some scandalous work of fiction or some tender moment you didn’t expect or… some crazy rant that might have you laughing or annoyed for that matter.

So… I follow you because I like you and I like spending time in your head. It gets me out of my head and helps me cope with the minutia of life’s little hurdles.

With that… you’ve touched my life in ways I didn’t know I needed and I’m grateful.

Much love from all the fiction in my head to your thoughtful rants!

Peace out!

Feeling this song so much tonight.  (Hey!  No eye rolling!)  This song is featured in Book 2 – MarJo.  Can’t wait to juice that one up!  It is quite juicy.  But yeah… this is a sweet song and it makes me tingle all over.  I’ve listened to it like a million times.  It’s engraved in my head actually. I hate that I keep letting these secrets out.  LOL.

Love y’all!

Thanks so much for reading and for listening!

39 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 90 – Why I follow… you.

  1. I feel exactly the same, I enjoy the wide variety of posts, pictures and writings of other bloggers, there is a truth that is not shared in everyday conversation and this is what compels me to stay truthful to my own story.
    Now as for that lil video (never seen or heard before) that has excited me on a Sunday morning 🔥🔥 I may have to go back to sleep thinking of Zayn M 😵
    Thank you for sharing, have a great day

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  2. I follow you because you know where you’re going, and I don’t.

    I follow you because I love everything you write, and everything you say.

    I follow you because not following you just doesn’t make any sense. I remember a dark time when I didn’t follow you. I can’t go back there. I won’t go back. I’m safe here in the arms of your blog, full of your lovely goodness, and your scenes and imagery and beautiful mind and incredible writing, all of which I follow willingly as long as you’ll let me. 🙂

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    1. Gosh! (*blushes*) Well… if that’s not blog love… I don’t know what is!

      Thank you so much. You are too kind. 😑 Humbled by your words and touched that you like my writing that much. 😮😊

      I’m pretty sure you know where you’re going though. You’re pretty CLEVER. I’d follow you anywhere! Oh wait… I’m am following you!

      Hugs love! 😘😍😘😍😘😍😘

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  3. Because when offered a chance to write a Little Fears story… you wrote an awesome epic that blew my mind from a writing stand point and the requirements of the task… First thought was that this woman is crazy… by the time I was done… I knew that yes this lady was crazy… a crazy genius… I guess that’s more of a story of how I got here… What was the question again?…

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      1. haha… good because it was meant as a compliment…You’re my kind of crazy… : )

        What are you doing on Saturday?… Peter, Alex, and I are watching another movie… Love to have you and Clever join in… This week’s movie will be An American Werewolf in London… We are still trying to come up with a time…

        Vitrine by Fear of Men…. is a great song… You should check it out… It is sad though… also True Loves by Hooray for Earth…

        okay, I’ve been up all day so… I’m going to go before I turn this into a blog post…

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