Dreamy state of things – A labyrinth

Am I working towards something? Some grand scale of a closing? Umm… Nope. Just trying to stay afloat. Working towards that goal… elusive as it may seem. Life far too real for wear and it tears me apart. I put myself back together, just like that! I’m a little not in order of appearance you know. But I know. Yep… I know. What about the ellipsis that just happen to ellipse? They just do. Don’t ask! Those have powers of their own. You know like Superman! Meh… Iron Man is the best. Hey! I’m talking to you too you know! Come here and give us a kiss? Who’s us? You know who you are! Hahahahaha! Yeah, sure do. What about the freaking sleepy drought. LOL. I know. The drought that rains when it pours. Heh, heh, heh, heh. Ha! It really does drown in that. But listen what! What? Umm… maybe I should go to sleep soon. Eh… that is such an old story! You wear it out way too much! Yeah… I did wear it out to dinner the other night. It was too sexy. I remember that night. Slept like a log.

This may not be warranted you know? I know. But I just have to do it. It’s what I do. What? Type stuff that doesn’t make sense but does. Oh. Meta. Right. Meta. What? I have no idea. It just seems right somehow. Right. I get it. Meta. Yeah meta. But hey I have a meta this and a meta that. You do? Yes. It’s really funny. Oh… pray do tell! Would but can’t. Too meta. Oh really? Is there such a thing? I dunno! I’m a little nuts right now. Like squirrel nuts? No, that’s too CLEVER! Oh yeah, you’re right. Hey! Yes? Are you quite done talking? I haven’t a clue. I’ve lost track. So have I. Now what? Next paragraph? Hmmm… let’s do it!

The state of my dreams begs me to link your heart to mine. I die a million deaths to feel you close again. Near me in the state of my dreams. In that state between the labyrinth and the straight path. I don’t choose what the next road is. It chooses me. I am a slave to that which leads me to you. I’m always in a state of this or that but never without you. Crazy my thoughts… my longing for your touch. Courageous in your love and your support. Faltering without it. Lucky me and lucky those that have what I have. Can’t and won’t survive without it. I am frightened and yet stand firm with the strong wall you’ve built for me. I lean against it and watch the horizon. Beautiful dreamy joining of the fruits of love. That is the way I feel in my dreamy state of things.

© 2017 Mel Gutiér

You think you can fall in love with a song that means so much?  Yeah… I can.  I love this track.  The XX have been a long time favorite of mine… no it’s not Intro.  LOL.  But it’s a version of one of my all time favorite tracks.  It says everything I wanted to end this post with.

Love y’all.

Thank you all so much for reading and for listening.


8 thoughts on “Dreamy state of things – A labyrinth

  1. You need a cup of hot chocolate… on the beach… to balance out this mood… or you could join me on the sun… for some spicy ramen…you can bring Clever too… it’s not a date.. but more of a time and place… speaking before I know… what it means to be you… your thoughts burned by the candles at either end… open and on display… i appreciate your honesty… at a time like this… trapped in a wake…

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