100 DoRaM: Day 94 – What of the dreamy state of things?

Missing something? No.  There could be a void some place between the wake and the sleep that is lacking.  Oh please!  This is not going to make any sense!  It will!  It will?  Yeah… cause you’re too sleepy to make ANY sense. Oh.  Right.  Okay.  What of the dreamy state of things then?  Oh those… well you start typing stuff and then it becomes… SOMETHING.  Oh.  Yeah.  Oh, is right. In fact that is the perfect way to start something.  The OH of it. You’re nuts!  Didn’t we clear that up previous post wrote?  Umm… yeah.  I think so.  So stop using the squirrels as an excuse.  Please don’t eat that!  Stop bossing me around!  Okay.  I’ll boss you straight line.  That’s better.  Hey… Yes?  Sleep… what?  Sleep.

Oh.  You mean sleep.  As in put your head on the pillow, close your eyes and beg for mercy.  If you must.  You’re making me tired of this labyrinth.  Why you gotta go there yo!  Dunno… it just goes there all the time.  No control over this!  None what’s so ever.  Remember that smile?  Oh yes… it was quite a beautiful sight.  So you kissed it or not?  You just making me crazy!  You know what that means?  What? Sleep.  C’mon!  You know I don’t play like that!  Hahahahaha. I know you don’t play at all. LOL.  I need a cuddle.  They’re not here.  Breathe sigh… I know but marches are coming. Oh?  That’s moths away. Okay whatever.  Now sleep.  No… next paragraph.  Okay. I’m in!

Loving this state of dreams of you.  Wanting closeness and wanting dreamy.  Wanting.  Guidance, love, support, courage… so much love.  Thank you there, YOU there.  I’m cradled in the post of your sighs and warm embrace to win this race… race against time, space.  I seek refuge in the words you spread over me like the stars the sky.  I’m lost in the lovely dream of you and I, close, in love and strong.  Holding firm to that which no one can deny is the true meaning of ardent love.  Possession is succulent and so delicious. Overwhelmed, hypnotized, circling the path in the labyrinth of your dreams straight to my heart.  Searching for a space between the dream and the waking thought of you.  Such is the dreamy state of things in my heart for you.

© 2017 Mel Gutiér

Yeah… double decker today.  Cause… I have been not too busy with the writing and posting.  So here is another XX dream of a song.  Soft and soothing, mellow and strong at the same time.

Love y’all.

Thanks so much for reading and for listening.

5 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 94 – What of the dreamy state of things?

  1. Dreamy, indeed. I’m so sleepy that this made perfect sense to me. Beautiful, like walking in a winter wonderland. Mmm… Just need a fire… And a little nap… Zzzz

    Liked by 1 person

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