100 DoRaM: Day 95 – Dreaming in Music Nostalgic Labyrinth

What’s in a song that takes me down memory lane?  It’s the lyrics and the melody… the tune in my head.  I’m in love.  That’s pretty much how it works for me.  I don’t really give a fork if the hypnotic trans overtakes me.  To another other.  I know we’ve all been there.  The song comes on and we’re lost.  We’ve taken a trip… sometimes I do trip over myself.  You know how that works. The cord was not coiled back and so… yeah… I tripped.  Okay! I’m pretending to write something witty… but really? Tripping?  Come on!  The world is full of uncoiled cords.  Not going there though.  I’m fine now.  And as for the cord… it’s not.

Memory lane.  I walk that all the time. I like it.  I caress its breeze.  It croons my breath as I take it all in.  My head spins out of place and I swoon melodically in its path.  Yum… delicious notes afloat between my ears.  Delicious.  Cuddling to lyrics taking me all the way to the back seat of my dreams.  And after, I sway into the drums of heaven.  Banging in the worse way my lyrical body into place.  Damn!  The sound is so breathe-sighing the echo beating my heart. I’m like an angel soaring in soft crooning memories.  They linger like a whisper in my soul. I’m lost now… floating in the sound of the souvenir that aches me to recall its poignant touch.

That’s the touch I miss. Remembering the first time you touched me.  The ache and bliss of feeling your words sentient into my life.  I’ve longed for that song.  I’ve ached for the nostalgia of your lyric on me.  Mmmm… yes, a delicious endeavor and then… Swoon!  I’ve lost all train of thought.  Only your music remains in me. It does so consistently.  Stays behind digging into me.  Digging my past to pass.  Quick… jab it in and spoon it out!  Your music is fiercely tattooed in me that way, blood letting the ardor birthed inside me.  It sears my heart along with all the blood pumping me.  I’m rendered weak.  Unable to move, my entire being enjoys the sound of the mellifluous prayer of your touch, your kiss, your caress… your body breathing mine.  Let this be my nostalgia once more.

© 2017 Mel Gutiér

Can’t help it.  I’m in severe dream states these days.  Hope you’re enjoying the ride cause it’s fast now… dropping quickly maybe.  Here be the nostalgic song visiting me for this day.  Hope you like and then… nothing.  Just hope you like.

Love y’all.

Thank you so much for reading and for listening.


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