100 DoRaM: Day 97 – Happy 2018

Hello lovelies!  As this year comes to a close, I find myself filled with mixed emotion over not having accomplished my goal.  But… I’ve realized that I still have my goal.  That has not changed and the wheels are still in motion.  They’re just really, really, slow right now.   For that I guess… I have mainly happy emotions.  In addition… I have love in my life and nothing else really seems to matter.  So yes… I’m happy for the way I am closing this 2017.  I look forward to the possibilities of this new year, 2018, with an open heart and an open mind.  I have courage because I have love and that… is all I could ever ask for.  Nothing else to say but wish you all lots of love and lots of happiness.  This new year and always.

Your friend,
Mel Gutiér

Feeling this song… for reasons.  LOL and for the lyrics which I couldn’t… they’re perfect the way they are.  Can’t add more to the meaning.  Also the beat is like my heart racing with happiness.  I hope it does you too!

Sky and Sand

In the nighttime
When the world is at it’s rest
You will find me
In the place I know the best
Dancin’, shoutin’
Flyin’ to the moon
(you) don’t have to worry
’cause I’ll be come back soon

And we build up castles
In the sky and in the sand
Design our own world
Ain’t nobody understand
I found myself alive
In the palm of your hand
As long as we are flyin’
All this world ain’t got no end

In the daytime
You wil find me by your side
Tryin’ to do my best
And tryin’ to make things right
When it all turns wrong
There’s no fault but mine
But it won’t hit hard
’cause you let me shine

And we build up castles
In the sky and in the sand
Design our own world
Ain’t nobody understand
I found myself alive
In the palm of your hand
As long as we are flyin’
This world ain’t got no end


Thank you all so much for sticking around this long!  Hugs!!!  Lots of love!!!



17 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 97 – Happy 2018

  1. Oh to bugger and back with it for not accomplishing your goal before 2018. You still have it, like you said, and it’ll be achieved precisely when it’s supposed to be. Like a wizard. You can’t control a wizard, can you? I mean unless you’re another wizard. Are you a wizard? Anyway. The lyrics to that song are beautiful. 😍💜

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    1. Becky… you are a bright light! You know that! You just made my whole out look sparkle!! You’re spectacular!!!

      Your enthusiasm is wonderful and a breath of fresh air girl! I am excited for this new year and I wish the same for you my friend. Hugs!

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  2. Hi Dear Mel, I’ve nearly forgot to write this comment, I was enjoying your music selection so much, and now its replaying for a third time, and I adore the lyrics (I’ve copied them down). I’m so pleased we found each other during the year, I’ve adored your company and are sometimes heartfelt chats, have a fabulous new year, and may 2018 be kind to you…scom xx

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    1. May dear friend… YES. To everything you said. I’ve treasured our connection and look forward to more exchanges in this coming new year! Hugs! So glad you enjoyed the song. It is really meaningful to me. The beat… the lyrics… have a lovely year my dear friend. Wishing you peace and lots of love!

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