Dearest love in Heaven

Dearest love
I’m lonely without you
Not knowing whether I’m coming
Not knowing whether I’m going
Torn up into pieces at the thought of you
Achy flesh dancing to a lovely virus
A sickness powerful… feverish
Can’t be contained
Has to run its course
Has to cut deep to ache
Running wild within the veins of my soul
Hurting like a knife in my belly
Begging me to stop… breath
To stop… life
Hurting… longing… wanting… loving
How to be now with my body this way
How to breathe now that my lungs know you
How to see the world with these new eyes
You’ve opened the windows and it is clear
Happiness is there
Life is there
A healing power is there
YOU are there
Your love is there
Beyond the breeze
Beyond the sunset
Beyond the skies
Beyond the stars
Dearest love…
Dearest love in…
Dearest love in Heaven

© 2018 Mel Gutiér

14 thoughts on “Dearest love in Heaven

  1. I’m able to interpret your meaningful poem in a few different ways, firstly declaring your deepest feelings for your true love, then upon reading the last 7 lines, it could be a love for your god, and also I think It could also be interpreted as your love for your sister in heaven. Well done Mel, xx


  2. Your words… I am touched and moved by this, Mel. The longing… I felt it through you and your beautiful meaningful words. Powerful and heartfelt.

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