100 DoRaM: Day 99 – Red Balloons?

You’d think I’d post a bunch of red balloons but… nah. It’s my Bitmoji. It does bear somewhat of a striking resemblance to some Mel Gutiér running around somewhere. Shh… don’t tell anyone!

I know… pretty cute right?  What is that you say? Should have saved it for day 100?  Pish, posh!  Nah… this was way more fun.  I couldn’t sleep you see, but now… well now… I’m gonna sleep and dream in red… red squishy balloons.  I’m cool that way.  LOL! (*wink*)

Thanks so much for reading my stuff and listening to all my crazy music choices!


19 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 99 – Red Balloons?

    1. My story… (sorry, meant to come back to this).

      I don’t really have a fab story like your lovely wife. I remember being glued to MTV and waiting for this song to come on. I also thought the German version was better. I don’t speak German but I love the sound of the language. Nena’s voice mesmerized me. I thought she was cool and the song dreamy. Me and 99th day… this fit perfectly.😉

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  1. My wife was telling your story just last night about how you will go to a nightclub in Sheffield in her younger days and the end of the evening that song would play and 99 red balloons would drop from the ceiling. Classy

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