The devil’s desire

He watched her from afar, still keeping a closer eye than most.  She did not make eye contact nor did she want to.  He frightened her but there was no turning back now.  She had agreed to his terms.  She had let herself go once before but not like this.  Not like he wanted her to.  The crowd was hungry with eyes ready for a treat. They flooded to the main room. The bed was decorated in purple and black lace.  How did he know?  He read her so well.  His dark eyes whispering want… desire.  She swallowed the nervousness in her stomach letting the butterflies out.  She took a deep breath as if preparing to plunge into a deep dark ocean, a moment soaked heavily with the elixir of her darkest desires.  The crowd gasped as she dropped her robe.  His body reacted severely, his breath heavy and his mouth… ready.

©2018 Mel Gutiér




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