Muse this!

Just really love these songs from one of my favorite bands, Muse.  I find their music sexy, intense and the messages in their songs… delicious. Matt Bellamy is the lead vocalist but I feel he’s the genius behind this amazing rock band!  Breathe sigh…

Uprising, the title above is a more popular song than this treasure down here.  I really think their music is underrated.  To me they are all treasures but I have special feels for this love song, Undisclosed Desires. It just caresses me the right way!  My brain… my soul… yeah… that!  LOL!

Happy Friday lovelies!

19 thoughts on “Muse this!

      1. A lot of sound for just three of them. It was with Curiosa, where I also saw The Cure and a lot of other bands I’m too lazy to look up.

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      2. He’s. Multi-talented… writes it, plays it (keyboard guitar… pianist) arranges it… pretty much glues everything together. I know Chris and Dominic? I think that’s his name, add their taken but Matt just brings it all together! Sexy as hell! 😍 I’m sure you’ll agree! 😉

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