This post is dedicated to an amazing prolific writer, CLEVER.  Today he turns a certain… age.  LOL.  I will not disclose, but he might.  I feel very fortunate to call him my friend.  We both have a very intense appreciation for music, all sorts, and really just like having a blast exchanging ideas… and taking over the comment boxes in certain places.  Mainly each other’s.  LOL.  I’ve had so much fun getting to know him and hanging out in this here blogosphere.

CLEVER… Thank you for always having my back, for sharing your genius, for your heart of gold, for your soulful and romantic poetry, for all those times you’ve graciously allowed me to kick your ass and for kicking mine when I’ve needed it… but most of all, thank you for being my best friend.  The world wouldn’t be the same without you. I mean, who wouldn’t like to stay in bed on a Sunday morning!  That’s just CLEVER!  So grateful for you!

Tanjoubi omedetou! Hugs, darlin’!

Now, CLEVER loves The Gazette, an amazing Japanese band.  I’m not recalling a favorite song at the minute but I think that’s okay.  He loves everything, I’m sure.  This, however, is one of MY favorites.  For you my dear friend.

I’m sorry… after awhile, let me sleep by your name

The passing days drew us closer
The pain is matched with joy.
Both hands reflect that
I cry when I think of you.

There is a rain of sadness
It’s fine just to remain unknown.
I tremble for repose, I remembered
What do you want to see in this reeled in dream?

I don’t want you to fade
Let me hear, even a sigh.
A small heartbeat, that isn’t there
I want you, come here!

Unchanging dreams, if this continues on
Please don’t pause in your happiness.
Even if it doesn’t need to call out, but,
The drowning days are piling over me.

I don’t want you to fade
Let me hear, even a sigh
A small heartbeat, that isn’t there
I want you, come here!

Even the hands of salvation is also in vagueness
Will there be a cocoon at intervals of the second, Without the string tearing off?

I don’t want you to fade
I want to hear, even a sigh.
Little rhythm to the sound of the heartbeat
Of touched prayers delivered.

The name which I cannot call out I held closely
Counting with my fingers, I don’t want tomorrow to disappear.

Hearing with blocked ears
The sound of a broken cradle.
The spring time will never come again
The crimson lotus is in bloom.


66 thoughts on “CLEVER!

  1. Who is this Clever… that you speak off?… Have I met such a legend before?… Does this Clever write amazing things?… Does he post awesome… weird… still awesome music from the far corners of the globe?… Hopefully one day I can meet such an amazing person… Until then Happy Birthday to this Clever….

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  2. Mel! This is the best birthday present ever! I am so grateful and happy to have met you and gotten close the way we have. Thank you for your depth and passion, your intensity and drive, your caring and sensitivity, your great wisdom and intelligence, and your humor! Thank you for your sexy and sensuous poetry, and for collaborating with me on some of it. 😉 My life is better for having you in it. Thank you for being my best friend. 🙂 ❤

    Guren is the first song by the Gazette I ever heard, on Christmas Day 2010. Thank you for sharing this, my lovely friend! ❤

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    1. I didn’t know that it was your birthday today!
      Happy birthday Ward.
      I’ve been trying to comment all day but it seems that it’s not working. I hope that Mel finds my comments somewhere…..
      By the way how old are you?

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  3. Oh Wow, happy birthday to Clever, Ok kids, let’s party, balloons red blue and white !!
    Red White And Blue

    I’m leaving the party
    My friends have all gone
    Standing alone
    Holding an empty wine
    Maybe it was red
    I’m thinking a white
    Stains on my shirt
    A lipstick collar too
    Cannot remember who
    Blurry visions
    Red White and Blue
    Time to shoot through
    Before the morning dew
    Pick-up my jacket and shoes
    Tip toe out
    Quiet as a mouse
    Head for my house
    If where, I only knew
    And it’ll be the Hour soon
    To sing a psalm or two
    And openly confess
    My personal mess
    There ! Kneeling in the pews
    I’m remembering who
    She’s wearing last nights dress
    Red White and Blue

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