Love is a dance

A movement partnered with time

Rhythmic motion twisted in tenderness

A gaze bewitching two fixed hearts

A sweetness shared in response to a breath

A soft kiss in reply to a caress

Two silhouettes enticing air into one breath

Flying in soulful sighs echoed by a whisper

The tender sound of fingers clasped

The aching abyss of longing

An intoxication of passion

The fluid communication of souls

The surrender to sonorous dreams

A sweet seduction of pirouettes

The coiling of bodies mingled in honey

A gentle sway turned fiery and bold

The bending of space and biology

Nectar encapsulating desire’s embrace

The universe bowing in awe of its bliss

The slowdown of touch… lingering

Two delicate pieces perfectly matched

Love is a dance… our rhythm… thriving

© 2018 Mel Gutiér

50 thoughts on “Love is a dance

  1. Breaks the silence… Drops a bomb of a poem… This was a very sexy poem… “The coiling of bodies mingled in honey,” …. so dirty and sexy… : ) This was my favorite line though, “The fluid communication of souls.” … it happens to be my favorite part of love as well… so hard to get it right… but when it happens……..

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