For LemonLovely

Braver than the coolest knight…

More lovely than the sun bursting…

Cross fire of tenderness…

Ignition divine in all her ways…

Soft edges roughed up just right…

Mother’s kiss in all her comfort

Sour and sweet in all the right places…

Fighter till the end of love… love never dies!

Never giving up the journey…

Struggles not… she’s got friends…

Holding her in high esteem…

That’s my LemonLovely!


I’m in awe!!!

What the hell are y’all waiting for!  Go!  Follow this amazing writer, Super Girl!!!

Love y’all!

Thank you for reading and for listening!



15 thoughts on “For LemonLovely

  1. Uncorked women and their opions should really be the order of the day, along with everyone else, not “intersting” or “amazing”. A woman with a voice, loud, profane , edgy or even one as hot knife in butter symphonic as Virginia Wolff, or as angry and fucked over and confused as Wollstonecraft. The latter a loss before her time, a victim of trying to play all the gender roles at once and still have a free mind. One day women won;t need a costume and an attitude and all the theatrics will be a thing of the past. But not until y’all find a unified voice, until sisters stop selling out sisters by allowing weaponized sex to play, until you have to stop dressing like men to get pervs hands off your asses to get something done. Until you refuse, REFUSE to accept the status quo. In unity, one at a time, until change is imperitve, not optional.

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  2. Ward Clever

    Sweet and thoughtful, and I agree with everything you just said! LemonPup is a sweetheart, caring, lovely and kind, with some edginess and raw energy to keep things perpetually interesting.

    You’re so sweet! ❤ 🙂

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  3. Breathe sigh…

    You. You gorgeous woman…

    I… I can’t even.

    You are just so amazing and loving and fabulous and talented. You goddess. You are definitely sent by angels…

    The universe has directed me towards you. And I am forever greatful… xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx

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