Le Matin Après

The chaos of the blue sheets between our legs, a reminder of last night’s fantasy. My hair tangled up in your right hand pulling me a little. Opening my eyes to your sexy stubble. Your breath still sweet, reminds me of your mouth on me. Staring at you as if it’s the first time I’ve ever seen you. Your strong chin supporting the delicate roughness of your face. Your nostrils dreaming, your lashes moving faintly over sleeping eyes. Your eyebrows gateways to the knowledge of how much I lusted after you last night. My eyes closed with the pleasure of the memory. Lifting the covers, researching the quiet you. A man asleep, naked, resting. Moved only by the blood that’s cooled, no longer hot and ravenous. No longer lavishing my body to climax, unaware of the feelings stirring in me right now. Aching to do it all over again with you. Only with you.

“Mmm… that’s no fair. Gotta use the toilet. Kindly remove your hand from under there.”

“Mornin’ sexy.”

“You are a devil aren’t you! You’re killing me! I really have to go.”

Your grin is delightful. Enjoying your backside quite a bit as you rush off to take care of business. The flush making me anxious for your return. The sun kissing the room through the window in just the right places. Shadows enticing the moment waiting for you to take me again. The raw you is… glorious. My body reacts immediately as you walk slowly back to me. Covers lifted, bodies together, skin to skin. You’re touching me in all the right places and your kiss leaves me aching, delighting in the moment.

“How did I get so lucky.” You say smiling and kissing my nose. “I’ve gone to heaven. That’s all there is to it. I love you looking at me that way, wanting me. You’re crazy!”

“Would you mind very much playing hooky today?”

“As long as I get to stay with you.”

“Yes! Please. Stay with me and do me again like you did last night.”

“With pleasure.”

Yes! Your kiss is intoxicating, luxury of touch. Creamy love, sensual and soft. I love this. I love you, touching me, playing with my skin, abusing my forbidden spots. I feel you fully awake now and I’m ready for the ride. I’m ready for the fantasy to begin again and again and –

“Mommy! Daddy!”

“Mommy? Daddy?”

“Mom? Dad? Yuk!”

Our fantasy interrupted by awkward little toes and teen eyes rolling, storming out of our bedroom. The little ones curiously jumping over the sheets between us, evidence of our everlasting love.


© 2017, 2018 Mel Gutiér

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