Reverberation #1: Heartache

Hello my lovelies.  I’ve been thinking about starting something new on the blog for days now. This post had been cued up and waiting for me to hit publish for a while. I thought about this just because it seems to help me deal with… stuff.  I guess… I’m really doing it for myself but if it helps someone at least a little… good. (Also keeps me writing.)

This particular post was meant to reach someone specifically (you know who you are).  Now reading it again.  It bites a little and might reach others.  It was part of my 100 way back to what seems a lifetime ago.  Re-posting it to start this Reverberation theme. I’m just trying this out.  They’ll be out randomly as I see fit.  I’m the boss here, right?  LOL.  Okay no more LOLs… I’m serious.  I never used to talk to anyone and now it seems that I do, can… didn’t know I could.  It helps.  I suppose.  So… here be the first Reverberation.  (I may or may not add music to these.  Depends. But it will always end with hugs. 😉 )

I’ve got heartache on the brain. I’m going to attack it with vicious attitude. I’m losing my mind with the idea! How? How can you do that to someone? How can you finish, abuse, eradicate a heart so loving so wanting of affection? It baffles me! I’m not perfect and I’ve done my share of hurting and vise-versa but I know what love is. Its sacrifice, work and effort and it should not be one sided. But when it is, what is left for us to do? What? Trying to wrap my head around it. Can’t. I can’t because my situation is not that. I’m happy and everything is fine with me, not perfect, but good, solid, loving. I don’t pretend to know what it’s like to have a severely broken heart but I understand how it can happen. I’ve seen it.

I’m in tears imagining a little heart torn in half, torn in all directions, lost. I want to reach that heart and let them know, they can be found again. They can. Fork everyone! Rise above it! Become something stronger, better, wiser, more loving still! Burst out with love for everyone. Smile. Change course, try something you’ve never done before, derail. See what happens. Go for it. Can’t get any worse. Wake the hell up of the one that is hurting you. Have them take a closer look at you, your courage, your audacity. Screw it! You only have one life! Live it with love and kick the ass that has you beaten down in the balls! Do it! What have you got to lose. You’ve already lost yourself. Can’t get any worse.

I wish I had the power to unleash a force to save everyone who is suffering right now. Love is so powerful that the hurt from it cuts you up. The scars are deep, I get it. There isn’t an antiseptic strong enough to heal it but there is time. There is effort, not giving up, not surrendering, fighting. It can be done. We still go to sleep at night. We wake up in the morning and we do all these things we have to do. So… what does that mean? We’re capable, strong, resilient… elastic!


©2017, 2018 Mel Gutiér

73 thoughts on “Reverberation #1: Heartache

  1. Reverberation… is an amazing title… you know how I like my titles… love that video… it was a little disturbing the first time I saw it… But I believe that was part of the point… that little girl has some talent…

    hugs… no one should have to go through… what you described… the hardest thing anyone can do in life is ask for help… something I honestly believe… something I take very seriously… and think that people should do more of… “Screw it! You only have one life! Live it with love and kick the ass that has you beaten down in the balls! Do it! What have you got to lose. You’ve already lost yourself. Can’t get any worse.” … I feel like you reflected that very well here… Love isn’t easy… But no one who loves you… will ever hit you… will ever spit venom at you day in and day out…

    “I’m not perfect and I’ve done my share of hurting and vise-versa but I know what love is.”… this was a very powerful statement… we’ve all done things and said things we truly regret… but as you say you… know what love is… I think verbal abuse is the hardest to detect… some times we don’t even know we are doing it or having it done to us… That’s just the way he or she is… there are tons of excuses… there is a fine line… But it doesn’t mean we have to accept it…

    Reverberation was a success in my opinion… really got me thinking… reflecting on some of my own past mistakes… not horrendous… but not my finest hour either… we all have something to learn from abuse….. we can all be better at detecting it and stopping it… we can always be better…

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      1. My favorite happy/not happy emoji is… well damn, it’;s not on the computer. It’s sort of looking up, mouth open, like when you look up to think and go ‘ummmm’. It seems sarcastic to me.

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  2. Oooh nice lead up to the song! Very fancy! Is this a repost? Is that what be happening here with the new thing on the blog? There’s something in there that I’m sure I’ve loved before. I’m high on yoghurt today so excuse my stupidity if this is really obvious!

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  3. I’m morose today… But all of this makes me feel better, stronger…
    Except I know this was also for yourself, and I am sad that you ever felt down or distraught. Hugs, and a kiss on the forehead.

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      1. I woke up with a pain, a cramp in my leg, and had to stand up to get it to stop. I’m better! And I’m going back to sleep.
        Je suis fatigue.

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  4. This is such a kind gesture. I hope your generous act of kindness becomes restorative of faith, light and love for people concerned. Prayers heal. Kindness never goes unnoticed. Hugs 🙂

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      1. Hahaha 😀 I light myself up when I meet kind souls like you Mel. Do tell me who was the mystery person in this once they find their love 🙂

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  5. Oh… Melon…
    The crossed out section…

    Mayhaps this post was also… for yourself?
    You have got me crying again…
    I love you.
    This is something that can help many. But I hope the person it is intended for knows that there is a light at then end of the tunnel, but sometimes you have to set shit on fire to see it…
    You only live once… we all only get one shot at this craziness…

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