Blue Jay Song, a Labyrinth

Been thinking about Blue Jays lately. They visit me often in my back yard. They’re distracting. I like how my mind leaves me and dreams a little. I lose myself in a daydream for even a few seconds… a few minutes. I wake up refreshed and take a deep breath. I’m not sure what it means, this Blue Jay thing. All I know is that I feel good right after I see one or two. They perch themselves on the fence wondering around, taking a breath, perhaps like me… waiting to take off to their next endeavor. Their visit is soothing. My heart breathes a pause as well. It’s as if they hold a secret to existing, to thriving. Everything seems better after, like nothing can go wrong. Nothing can touch me. I become stronger, a little wiser perhaps… sweet dreams there after singing in my head… such a soothing caress.

We all have our “Blue Jays” I suppose, soothing us. They give us pause… time to string up some broken thoughts. Meaningful and powerful they are. Strung up in bleeds, in fiction… made up and real. The heartache thrives, breathing life into every day. It plucks life out of nothing and sends the maniacal brain waves to devour our hearts, eat at our fleshy souls. Our throbbing veins succulent to the existence of a deep thought, chewy, sharp… intense. The core of the glass that’s broken in thought beckoning us to nibble here and there… to experience the darkness all leading to a great revelation, something greater than the simple word. It allows us to travel to a far off place like that Blue Jay… seeking… learning… growing… living. What of your song dear Blue Jay? How do you do it to sooth the soul in such a way that even pain feels good?

You just do. The first time I read your head, my dear friend, I didn’t understand that feeling… the ache to find out what the fork we’re here for. I was intrigued, bleeding myself, wanting to know… more! It touched the very core of my thoughts. I wanted to know the intensity of that deep heart, that innocent darkness that takes on a mask in the vulgar, the mundane cloud that drapes us all. Chewing glass is never as tasty as when you serve it up on a silver platter of warm prose, a palette collectively spraying us with nightmare and daydream. Just like the Blue Jay, as soothing even, because it is real and you never disappoint. You touch us in the farthest part of our minds, tickling the grey matter just enough to jolt us back into existence. We’re refreshed, renewed, awake… ready to take on the world again.

This post is dedicated to Layne Ambrose, whose broken thoughts have touched me in a positive way. Deeply moving and provocative, his heart is full of soul. Click this here whole shout out for a forking good chew!

Layne!!!! Hugs buddy… I’m so glad to know you and to call you friend!!!

For the companion piece to this shout out… click on this CLEVER post!

Layne, I hope you like this buddy.  The video has a dreamy “places you will go” title, music, song… and a really cool video.  Oh… the places you will go!

52 thoughts on “Blue Jay Song, a Labyrinth

  1. I’m sorry I am late!
    This is so gorgeous, Melon! The writing and the sentiment. Such a beautiful black and white contrast between your post and Ward’s. Pefect for our Layney Bear.

    And Layne’s reaction made me all teary eyed.

    I love that we are a community on her. The comments section is full of people who I seem to run into daily.
    I love you guys. You are the sweetest peeps…

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    1. Awww… I thought I replied! You’re a sweet heart! You complete us sweets! I love your visits! And we’re lucky to have cool peeps like you and Layne at any blogosphere party! I’m all warm and fuzzy about it!

      Thank you so much my LemonLovely for your thoughtful words. 😘

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  2. I don’t know what to say… thank you seems to not be enough… saying I am speechless would be a lie… I am honored… that you took the time… to put this together… that you thought of me… to be able to call you my friend… I am very lucky… The song was very dreamy… a great song to read all the amazing comments to… and to write this one as well… Thank you Mel… hugs… : )

    Now for the break down of thoughts… Was super excited to hear more about this Blue Jay… plus the title… made me even more hyped… get into the second paragraph…. heart melted that you used broken thoughts… felt very special (still do)… kept reading some more amazing Mel words… still unaware you were talking about me… haha… All the while I’m thinking Mel is driving some points home… I can really relate to this… she is such an amazing writer (You really are)… Paragraph three… I… think… this… is … about me?… huge smile… face got all red… I really can’t describe how much my face hurts from smiling… you are an amazing person Mel and I am truly honored by your words… Thank you so much for all the support… but do you have any ice… my face is killing me… : )

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      1. I watched this version the other day on one of the blogs I follow (I can’t remember which one… if you are seeing this… I am sorry…)… It is a pretty good live version… I was trying to get this discussion going with my wife… but I think that it is odd than in no matter what country… different show… where ever and when ever… that when the fans sing… the collective voice always sounds the same…

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  3. Layne makes us plumb the depths of feelings we had forgotten about, or more likely stuffed in a closet in our minds. You’ve shone a light on those depths, and that closet, and Layne’s beautiful words. Our friend is a beautiful mess! But then, his writing is up there with Escher and Dali, and they’re also beautiful.

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  4. This made me feel so good. Even pain feels good when we read Layne. How magically he does that and his ideas are so deep and introspective. And how beautifully you appreciate him and his effect on us. This is very heartwarming I feel warm all over. Hugs 🙂

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