Love is my greatest inspiration. Music adds a sweetness to it. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that working with someone would make that sweetness so much better. But when CLEVER invited me to join him in this lovely effort, with butterflies in my stomach, I accepted, and that sweetness was enhanced in a way I didn’t think possible. I was pleasantly surprised at how pleasurable and effortless it was. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

CLEVER, I’m so proud of our work. I’m so grateful for your support and encouragement.

One stanza each at a time and it came together so beautifully. I hope you will agree

Just before dawn, when all is asleep
I awaken without opening my eyes
Tangled in you, I am content
You, my guardian against the day
The blanket our second skin

Your breath my sweet caress
A sigh hidden in my heart
You gift to me your loving touch
As I lay peacefully next to you
The sun exiled by our affection

Eyes kept closed, my senses reel
The sound of your happy sighs
The feel of your softness
The taste of your lips
Your scent becoming the life I breathe

My soul in prayer with thoughts of you
Feeling you close gives way to heavy breath
Your love flowing softly to my core
Undressing my dreams with a single touch
Heart swollen with the music you create in me

Overwhelmed with emotion, spirits soaring
Our bodies intertwined, crackling
I finally open my eyes and see your face
My heart explodes in butterflies
Your smile is the net that catches them all

Burrowed under your tenderness
My heart resonates beating quickly
Your poetry flooding my body intensely
I’m lost in you, consumed by you
Tethered to our thriving love

My arms hold you dearly
Refusing to part even for a second
Our affection and tenderness keep us close
The rain outside writes the soundtrack
Our souls dance to the music

Devoted only to your body
Quivers ripple deeply within
Destroying the ebb of inhibitions
Burning desire taking us over
Slaves to our heated embrace

We enjoy our delicious addiction
Shivering with anticipation
Our dreams fulfilled, and fulfilled
Unceasingly, indelibly linked
Intertwined for a lifetime in that moment

Shared unfurling of love
Ensconced in our synergy
Our bodies adorned in our affection
Whispers of honey between us
Never letting each other go… paradise

© 2017, 2018 Ward Clever and Mel Gutiér

27 thoughts on “Aishiteru

  1. By the 3rd stanza, I had to pause and wipe the tears from my eyes… this was so gorgeous guys… like… I still have tears falling to my cheeks.
    I love you both so much.
    Your words come together seemlessly. Flawlessly. As if designed by fate… 🖤😙🖤😙🖤😙🖤😙🖤😙

    Liked by 3 people

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