This is the day

Well you didn’t wake up this morning ’cause you didn’t go to bed
You were watching the whites of your eyes turn red
The calendar on your wall was ticking the days off
You’ve been reading some old letters
You smile and think how much you’ve changed
All the money in the world couldn’t buy back those days

You pull back the curtain
And the sun burns into your eyes
You watch a plane flying
Across a clear blue sky
This is the day, your life will surely change
This is the day, when things fall into place

You could have done anything, if you wanted
And all your friends and family think that you’re lucky
But the side of you they’ll never see
Is when you’re left alone with your memories
That hold your life together, like glue

75 thoughts on “This is the day

      1. Why would I love a hospital ward? What are you talking about!

        Novus… please do not leave me questions in comments… comment on post or send me an email.

        I am a mom… I have a full time job besides and lots to do. Please…

        Interesting question though… do YOU love hospital wards?


  1. This is gorgeous… the lyrics are so good.. but I am sorry to say I may have enjoyed the comments section of this post a little more bahahahahahahahahaha laughter and sweetness and love… I love this community. Sorry I missed this one dearest Melon xxx

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    1. You’re good. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit. We are a bit mixed up and Novus… LOL. Well… interesting and sweet. I can’t help myself with her sometimes. She is a sweet friend.

      Thank you my lovely. I love this song. I grew up listening to this type of alternative and nine inch nails industrial music,… All sorts. This song brings me back to a time when I was innocent and dreaming about becoming… myself. Questioning myself… where I fit in with my family… where did I belong really? I was trying to find myself. It was a difficult time for me but this song helped me through it. I wrote a lot in journals and I remember this song playing one night in my dorm room and I couldn’t sleep. I remember writing a lot about starting fresh the next day except it was already the next day. I hadn’t gone to sleep and the sun was shining.

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      1. I always enjoy my visits… mixed up sounds negative. The comments section is so good because of all the love shown to each other. Laughs shared with friends. There are not many corners of the internet that are like this…

        Did you keep the journals?

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      2. Some survived. Some… have no clue what happened. But I remember my thoughts. I was a deep, shy,… intense girl. LOL. I was dreaming half the time how my life would be. I guess I still am dreaming.

        Hugs lovely! I’m glad you’re in my corner of the blogosphere. It feels warm and cozy with you in it.

        Umm… almost done with the forking prompt!!! LOL


    1. Lol!

      I should have included description. Lol.

      I love this song because I have a teen memory where it got me out of some tough feelings I was dealing with.


      The The… favorite band or at least one of. 😊


  2. Good morning Mel, my eyes are definitely red, just like you said, this is the day, love surely comes to stay. xxx
    Day Lily And Love

    Upon my pillow I sleep.
    Good morning, I do peek.
    From the cushion of my dreams.
    A pads radiating beams.
    Blushing red hues, oh so bright.
    You bloom during the night.
    After cuddling the dew.
    You open up your scenic view.
    Flowering, standing proud and steep.
    Perfection at my feet.
    A glorious Lily, like wings of a dove.
    By Day you air your love.

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