Giant Breathe Sigh…

Hello lovelies!  I had to share this.  It’s a advertisement but… I found it to be so much more.  It is inspirational.  If you can dream it… you can do it.  Just made me smile.  Of course… there is love and music… both perfectly paired.  Reminds me of future lifetimes… (*winks… smiles… blows a kiss*)

Keep dreaming… Hugs my sweets!



32 thoughts on “Giant Breathe Sigh…

      1. Then… left it for a few days… lol. Three hours to finish it four days later. Lol. I think I feel the pressure got lifted because I got to choose my own image. It was a picture prompt.

        Anyway… you’re fine. Don’t have to rush to read it. But you’ve been very supportive and I wanted to let you know that I completed one. Lol!

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  1. This was so sweet and a brilliant find, Mel! You have such a tender heart… To draw such stories that move people… And to draw people who are moved…
    I love that. ❤😑😙

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