Inspirational Croon

I find this inspirational for for just about anything!  I absolutely love this… especially on a cold rainy day like today.

Hugs lovelies!

20 thoughts on “Inspirational Croon

  1. While I will refrain comment on the Manheim Steamroller meets Vivaldi, there’s a great Vivaldi story that needs to be written. “The Red Priest and the Soprano” from the Soppranon’s point of view. Easily pure historical costume fiction. I quote “It was during his time in Mantua that Vivaldi became acquainted with an aspiring young soprano called Anna Giro, who joined his entourage and accompanied him on his tours. Inevitably rumors of a relationship surfaced, but Vivaldi vehemently denied any wrongdoing.”
    Of course he did. Musician’s have a gentleman’s code. Sometimes. Remember this was before polaroid cameras and People magazine. Anyway, there’sa plaque on a house in Venice that he didn;t live in, so the romance novel is burning daylight.


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