Mmmm… Smile

Mmmm…  love this lazy morning with you

The bad times from yesterday’s lifetimes… they’re gone

We’re together… anchored to one another

Our warm bodies melting into each other

Losing ourselves in kisses both passionate and tender

Dreamy sugar turned caramel… mmm…

Loving you is such a wonderful endeavor

Our toes wiggling caresses under the sheets

My hand tracing the sweet lines of your smile

Mmmm… dreamy this feeling with you… perfect

Your hands… oh! you don’t hold back

I can’t help but melt under your touch

Devouring each other with tender gazes

Dreamy haze taking us over…

We’re all smiles now… breathe… sigh…


© 2018 Mel Gutiér

27 thoughts on “Mmmm… Smile

  1. Dreamy morning, or evening… A feeling shared, and felt deeply… Happily embracing… All senses sizzling… Tender and sweet, like dessert after a satisfying, fulfilling meal… Something extra for the soul…
    Float with me on the currents… ❤😍😙😏😉😚

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