The Lovely Weapon

Again… I am late in this.  For reasons… that is all I can say.  Thank you LemonySugar for allowing me to feel I am your partner in this.  LOL.  Thank you for your support and your friendship my beautiful LemonLovely.

This was yet another one of Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: World Without Guns.  Again, I went over the word count and posted late.  But I did it.

There is music because it is my way.  Hope you like it.

“Please… I’m begging you. Why you? Why can’t they get someone else to do this?”

“Oh my love. We knew. You knew this might happen when you married me. Remember?”


Alexandrine held her breath once and let out a sigh. Tears. Edward knew how heavy this was for her. It was not your typical assignment. But being chosen was of utmost honor. He knew she would be cherished among all women. She would be loved, cared for. He was not afraid and as he took her hand, pulling her gently towards him, his body quivered and expelled a breath.

“I love you so much Alexandrine.”

“Edward… I don’t know if I can do this. I’m not sure I’m strong enough to go through with this.”

Edward swallowed and squeezed her for dear life. This was to be their last night together. He wanted to make sure, to show her, how much he loved her. He kissed her passionately. It lingered. The kiss held time back a moment… a lifetime. His body reacted to her touch. It gave way to delicious devouring. He knew her body well and her moans excited him. Tears bathed her face with every thrust and kiss he gifted. Every inch of her sighed as he covered her in kisses, tender caresses that only he knew how to deliver. Once the sweet satiation left them breathless, he held her, and his tears quenched the need… the need to never let her go. Was he seriously going to go through with this? Maybe she was right. But this was the way it had been done for hundreds of years.  He was chosen specifically for this task.  He had to be brave.  She gave him strength.

Morning, the day of. They remained in bed and gazed into each other’s eyes tenderly. The communication making them smile. Edward was overcome with tears. However, they were not sad tears. He loved her, and it was that love that gave him courage, power to overcome anything. It was her love that completed him, that made him whole.

“I love you my beautiful ocean. Your depths have given me wings to rule the sky.”

“My beautiful man. You are my sky. I look up at you every day and I will do so all the days of my life and then I will join you there.”

“Alexandrine, I love you with all my being woman. You’ve given me so much joy, so much life, fulfillment in every day. You have to know that you make me whole.”

“Edward… you’ve made me the happiest woman in the universe. Your love transformed my life. You set me free. I’m here having breakfast with you like we’ve done so many lifetimes before. Somehow… this is the lifetime that counts the most.”

“It does. I love looking into your brown eyes. I love getting lost in them, the mystery you keep me entranced with. I’m so glad I have never been able to solve it. I never wanted to. I just wanted to pursue it, pursue you, mysterious wonderful love that is you my adoring wife. My best friend. My forever.”


She exclaimed and threw her arms around him. He pulled her over his lap and cupped her face with his hands wiping her tears. He kissed her passionately. The lifetime was intense and loving and short. The time was fast approaching and as their lips parted, she looked into his hazel eyes very lovingly and captivated him. To her his eyes were so loving, tender, longing, sweet and wise. Her best friend, her true love, the man of her dreams and the man who would do anything to save her, keep her loved and beloved. She was accepting now. This future lifetime was in the books for them both. Their beginning had been difficult, but they had made it through all the rocky lifetimes to be in this one short, yet poignant lifetime. The only one that mattered. She caressed his face tenderly. She kissed it gently as if afraid to break a fragile thing. She went around all his lines. He closed his eyes, enjoying her love on him. Those lips rendered him weak with sweet abandon. He became her slave. When she reached his lips, he squeezed her against him once more and devoured her nectar intensely. Their love… evident perfection.

Edward began to help his wife clean up as the sound of the first bell startled Alexandrine. She looked at him and smiled. She took his cup and placed it right back on the table where he had originally set it.

“Let me be help you. Just because –”

“Shhh… I need to leave it there. Just for today. Please. Let’s not do any of this. Let me spend the next few hours with you. Let’s get ready and go for a walk before we get there. Please.”

“Alright. I would like that. Anything with you.”

Alexandrine smiled and led her husband to the bedroom. She watched him get ready. She enjoyed watching him get undressed. She admired his imperfections and his perfections. Only she could recognize them. Only she could appreciate them so. He blushed when he realized the delicate spying.

“Why are you blushing? I’ve seen you naked plenty of times and you’ve seen me.”

“Yes, but that look is not an innocent one. You’re undressing me while I’m already undressed.”

“You did call me magical once.”

She told him walking towards him slowly taking his pajamas.

“What are you doing? Put them in the hamper.”

Alexandrine couldn’t believe his words and let out a laugh.

“Not today. I need these on the bed, on your side.”

Edward didn’t say a word. He continued getting dressed. The sadness in his face seemed almost soft. His surrender was her. This was for her. She was his reason for anything and everything. Alexandrine took a breath as she arranged his pajamas on his side of the bed. She observed him, one last time. All the details, she memorized in her heart and engraved in her head.



They went on their walk. It was a familiar lifetime. It was one they had been on many times. Except today the bells kept ringing and by the time the twelfth final bell was heard, they had reached the epicenter already packed in with a standing room only audience. The lovely audience. Friends and not. Citizens more correctly stated. The town had seen better days and this last phase was finished too quickly. Alexandrine squeezed Edwards hand when the crowd quickly became silent as they watched the couple enter the core of the extractor. Alexandrine’s heart began to race. Edward’s face was stern now, brave. The silence was deafening. It had been a century since the last extraction. The years were decreasing, and everyone was weary with the idea that maybe it would be less this time.

“Ah Edward. You made it. Alexandrine… are you both ready then?”

“High Council Sorenson. May I have a few words with you.”

“My child… we’ve gone through the protocol. There is no time for this now. You must prepare.”

“Please High Council. I beg you.”

Alexandrine took a breath in awe of the silent crowd. The High Council looked at her son with great pride and smiled at Alexandrine. She took his hand and they walked passed security into the glass extractor. It gave Edward chills to be inside its shell.

“Mother. I worry for her. She is not like the others and…”

“She will be under the protection of The Council and she will live here on the base.”

“That’s just it. I don’t think she will want to. I need to know she will be free to live as she wishes. I need you to promise me that she will do as she pleases with my things. You can’t remove anything of mine from the house. Please.”

“Son… it is protocol and for her protection, her heart.”

“Mother, her heart is a heart indestructible. Where do you think I get my strength from?”

“No. You will not touch anything form the house, her home. You will make an exception and she will live as she sees fit.”

“You were always such a rebel. She did things to you. She made you…”

“She made me happy. She does still, and I am whole.”

“This is why my son. You were chosen specifically for this. Your heart –”

“My heart belongs to her. Hers alone. I am merely the tool that will set it free, but she will get the stronger dose. It is inevitable.”

High Council smiled and nodded. She knew this love… this bond would last them longer than any other period had ever seen.

“Agreed. She can do as she pleases. No one will touch her. Go say your goodbyes, the time is now. I feel the hatred among some of our citizens escalate. We must hurry.”

Edward ran back to his wife in tears now.


“Alexandrine… my love. Please… whatever this day brings… I am in love with you. I am supporting you. I am encouraging you. I am holding you the rest of your days. Say you’ll do the same for me.”

“Edward! Of course… those are my words to you every morning.”

“I know. I just needed to say them to you now. You are my one true love. You are my home and my dreams. You are my Heaven and my hope.”

“Edward, you are the love of my life, my happiness, my bliss, my enduring strength. I want for nothing with your love embedded in me.”

“My son, it’s time.”

Their foreheads together, their noses touching, “I love you” escaping in whispers. Alexandrine let him walk away towards the chamber and she walked to take her honored place. The place where the light would hit the strongest. She knew it was unnecessary, all that he was belonged to her and it didn’t matter where she stood. She broke with custom and walked far away outside to the park across the street. She walked to her favorite spot, their spot by the stream. She heard the final three bells and waited with eyes closed. As promised she was not stopped or touched. She was going to do as she pleased.

Edward stepped into the glass extractor with the image of her smiling brown eyes looking up at him. The bed was made of tiny pin needles. He as to remove all his clothes and lay on it. He did so briskly, closed his eyes looking into her eyes still. Gasps were heard as the time was fast now and darkness would fall quickly unless… The needles stung him, but he did not exclaim. His heart was swollen, his spirit strong and his mind on her. The countdown had begun, and he prepared for the impact of the second chamber to crush his body into light. No one could describe the event really. Only those that had gone through it knew. Of course, it could only be done once in several hundred years or less… or more.  Perhaps more years would pass without violence this time.

“One minute to extraction.”

The soft voice in the chamber was soothing and Edward closed his eyes. Alexandrine put her hand over her heart and looked up at the sky. No weapon was stronger than this, she repeated in her mind. No weapon would save as many as this one lovely weapon and just then, gasps were heard. Edward had been crushed into light. It was miraculous, sublime beams of light hitting every citizen filling them with love, joy, peace… such a sweet light, such a strong light. But Alexandrine… her light engulfed her and lifted her above the stream. She felt him. His love surrounded her. She smiled as her glowing body soared high into the sky. She reached it and felt him there. She knew she would meet him there one day. Edward’s light brought her safely down and unlike the rest, she continued to glow in his light. For the strongest dose was hers.

Alexandrine walked back to the house without acknowledging the happenings as was customary for the wife to do. As promised, she was not forced to participate and was allowed to do as she pleased. She wanted to go back home. Their home. She went through the house and gazed upon all the objects he had touched, used, all items belonging to her love. She held each item close and placed each back in their spot. In the kitchen she took his cup and touched her lips to the spot from which he had taken a drink. She smiled for she was so full of love, of happiness. No violent thought could break through. But how she cherished the dishes, his plate, his fork. She rushed to the bedroom. His clothes… the towel he had used that morning, the pajamas. She got undressed still glowing in his light and slipped them on, letting the fabric sooth her skin. She laid cozily on his side of the bed. She could smell him there, feel him there, remember him there. There she remained all the days of her life. Never once forgetting his light. Their love was such a lovely weapon indeed.

© 2018 Mel Gutiér


25 thoughts on “The Lovely Weapon

    1. You are too kind to me. Thank you. It is a work in progress this. I have notes for a trilogy based on this. maybe in two years. Depends what my life dictates, as I have a lot to do in the physical world.

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  2. Now this is what I call, great story-telling at its finest.
    The love and the science fiction of bringing both genres and emotional heart to a story that many of us readers can dip our minds and hearts into your incredible brilliant work, Mel. I truly love your story and the way you tell it with such passion and the characters are of heart.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Anand

    This was so engrossing and soaked in deep love, you made me feel a lifetime in a moment. The imagery, emotions and the fiction of Science–they all attract me and you do it here magically well. You’re such a magician with words 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Absolutely brilliant, your story telling is full of emotion, tenderness, and for Ivor lots of sorrow, knowing that the day would come, to the brightest light of all. Obviously I can’t type or write anymore, you’ve just made me drown the keyboard in tears, and now reaching for that extra box of tissues……….xx

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  5. Melony! This was amazing!
    The idea is novel worthy… no wonder you went over count. You squeezed in soo much emotion into so few words. I love it! I love you!
    Oh to feel such love…
    This idea… I just love it!
    Well done! 👏👏👏👏👏🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤😙😙😙😙😙🍈🍋😙😙🖤😊

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  6. Ward Clever

    Oh… my god…
    MEL! You’re a dreamy storyteller, and I love this so much! It’s full of landmarks and familiar streets! Hallmarks of lifetimes in a day! I… my words could not possibly express how utterly gobsmacked I am…

    I read this whole story open-jawed at the love between the two, Edward and Alexandrine… I’m going to read it many, many more times… I’m just overwhelmed with how good this is and how it made me feel. Such a pleasant surprise, a kiss on the cheek from the universe.

    Hugs and all my love to you!
    I’m so eternally yours!


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