V1: Satiating Olivia Brown

“Gretchen, don’t you dare question my authority again! If I say, you do! If I bleed… you are to lick the drops off the floor with your tongue! Do you understand!”

“Yes sister.” Gretchen said trembling. Olivia’s voice was strong and seductive. Gretchen could not find her way in the labyrinth of her sister’s voice inside her head.  Moments later Gretchen mustered up the courage to speak while she was brushing Olivia’s raven hair.

“Olivia… Why must you always have the good-looking ones! I always end up with the riffraff!”

“Be quiet! For one, you never hunt as well as I do. I’ve tried teaching you but it’s as if you lack something by way of brains. Secondly, I am the oldest after all. Why shouldn’t I have my pick. You’re still such a novice, a child! You may stop brushing my hair. Go get ready. You’re helping to serve the drinks tonight.”

Gretchen became angry at Olivia’s tone and lack of respect. She was growing tired of her arrogant ways. She decided to push her sister a little further on the matter. Teasing her in a way.

“He won’t show. He looked way too smart.”

“He will. I saw the way he looked at me.”

“Oh… how’s that?”

“Like he was hungry and I was the main course.”
Olivia said veering at Gretchen’s jealous eyes from the reflection in the mirror. She knew Gretchen well. Revenge was not far from reach and though she expected a violent attack from her sister, it wouldn’t be tonight. Gretchen was weak, feeble. Olivia was strong, intelligent and savvy in the ways of the flesh. Gretchen had only read books on the matter. Olivia… she knew… everything. How to please a man, how to torture him without killing him, how to quench his desire without touching him. It was a repertoire Gretchen could only imagine in her wildest dreams to accomplish. Olivia… well… she had done it all.

The house was to be packed tonight. Olivia’s birthday. Gretchen had made sure to call all the usual suspects. But tonight, there was to be a handsome stranger in the mix. A sexy dark-haired male, tall, with brown eyes as deep set as a sunset in summer. Olivia had spotted him when they were at the grocery store shopping for the party. He wore jeans tight on him with a white T-shirt. It had holes in all the right places and the jeans hugged his back side in just the right way. Olivia salivated at the sight. If it had been another time in history, she would have taken him right in the store, somewhere in the back loading dock. He would have exclaimed from ecstasy and cried out for more. But not tonight. It was her birthday. She craved attention and the affection in all its forms that came along with it. This man, Paolo, was just the man to quench her needs tonight.


“Yes! Why are you acting so silly? It’s my birthday and I like red! Now give it here!

“Olivia, blue is your color. I’m sure of it. Blue highlights your eyes beautifully. Red just…”
Olivia stormed at her sister pushing her up against the wall with such force it terrified Gretchen. Her brown hair becoming almost white with fear. Olivia’s voice was soft yet menacing. Gretchen was no match for her. Not tonight anyway.

“Let this be the last time we quarrel over clothes! I am to wear what I want tonight and always! You are to keep your mind to yourself from now on! I don’t care for your silly observations or suggestions! Get out of my room and answer the door! You’ve already made us late with your idiotic ways!”

Olivia was in such a rage that Gretchen almost wet her panties and she rushed off to the bathroom or else. Olivia broke the mirror with her fist. She couldn’t help it. The drops of blood seducing her current state. She was thirsty, hungry for tonight. She loved withholding from the flesh until she herself begged to be satisfied. It had been days and now she would not be able to contain that desire any longer. The crowd trickled in through the foyer to the main living area. The house became saturated with friends and certain acquaintances that only came out of social respect, having no intention of staying longer than an hour.

Olivia walked down the stairs with a great big smile. Her crimson lips heavily lined and her curvy figure bursting through her red satin dress seduced the crowd. Gasps and the clapping of hands sounded throughout. Olivia thrived on the sound. Gretchen smiled but her heart was black for he sister. Jealousy and anger were invading her thoughts. It was enough for her to set everyone on fire. For a moment, she imagined striking her sister in the heart. She imagined her blood feeding the guests to full satisfaction. She closed her eyes savoring the gore, the pleasure. Olivia read her sister’s mind and walked right to her face and whispered.

“Wake up insolent! You shall not go too far tonight. I will have George keep you company until I figure out what to do with you!”

“No sister! Please! I’ll hold my thoughts and I’ll do as you please! Do not lock me up with George! I beg you!”

Their dear friend Berkley noticed the intense exchange and rushed to interrupt the scene so as not to ruin the party.

“Ladies, let’s not forget the happy occasion. Olivia… make the rounds darling. We are all here for you. I shall see to our Gretchen who seems to be out of sorts tonight. Come now. Olivia darling, why do you deprive yourself so, every year before your birthday. You look absolutely horrid! If it were not for your beauty you’d have us all gasping away at the sight of you.”

Berkley was an old friend. He was Olivia’s first conquest and he had tortured her severely until she exclaimed from the pleasure of it. Olivia reacted to him sometimes just from the mere memory of the heated act. Though she was quite over him, her core stirred each time he addressed her. He knew how to affect her. She swallowed with heavy breath. Her mouth salivating. Berkley smiled well aware of the affect he was having on her. He took Gretchen by the arm walking away with his eyes fixed on Olivia. He licked his mouth all the way around making her gasp. A warm hand on her bare shoulder brought her back.


Paul stood next to her. He was wearing a dark suit. She had not mentioned it would be a formal affair. How did he know?

“Paolo… I’m so glad you could make it tonight.”

“I took a chance by the invitation you emailed me. Just in case. God! I don’t know what I did to deserve having someone like you invite me to something as swanky and sophisticated as this. I’m used to beer kegs and bologna sandwiches.”

Olivia smiled unable to restrain her affection. She walked right up against him seductively. The crowd of on lookers relishing the act. She rubbed up against him nibbling at his neck. Paolo reacted immediately and pulled away feeling embarrassed. Olivia grazed at the sight, Paolo gasped.

“Perhaps we needn’t wait to satiate this… need we both seem to have tonight. Come. Follow me.”

Olivia’s voice was strong and soft at the same time. He was a little confused by it. As embarrassed as he was he did his best to control the situation.

“Look, I’m sorry. I mean it’s just that… you know… Forgive me. It’s been a while for me. My last girlfriend dumped me after I proposed to her and it’s taking me a long hard year to get over that. Maybe I should go. I don’t want to ruin your party. I shouldn’t keep you from your guests. And…”


“Look I get that you’re this amazing cultured woman. Lovely and sexy… and just a fucking gorgeous animal. Fuck! I don’t know what I’m saying just… You’re doing stuff to me. I’m all messed up inside. Looking into your eyes… Anyway… just call me Paul. I’m not even sure I have any Italian in me.”

“Paul. Yes.”

Olivia said laughing. The crowd laughed along with her. Paul looked around at the reaction. What is going on he thought. Olivia took him by the hand and led him slowly upstairs. Everyone clapped and laughed. Young and old, dressed up in elegant gowns and black ties. Paul found himself a little bewildered. He started to feel guilty. His best friend Michael had told him to just go for it. But… something didn’t feel right to him. It didn’t. As sure as he was certain it would happen for him, he was not about to have some fling. He wanted a meaningful relationship. Olivia was unlike anyone he had ever known and he was genuinely hoping to get to know her better.

“Where are we going?”

“To my room. We shouldn’t have any one bothering us tonight. I want you all to myself.”

“Um… look… Honestly. I’m so flattered and it would be amazing but –”

“But you’re looking for a meaningful relationship. Am I right?”

“Right… you’re amazing.”

“Paul… what if I told you that tonight you could get to know me deeply and the meaningful relationship you desire so much would become a reality. Does that make you feel at ease? You needn’t feel shame or guilt.”

“Don’t know how I’m standing right now. I want you so much.”

His strong voice made Olivia sick with butterflies. It took everything she had, years of experience, to keep from devouring his sex in that instant. She pulled him in and he went at her immediately. Kissing her neck, eating her mouth. She felt incredible to him. Olivia laughed at how childish he was being. She pushed him off.

“Do you know nothing of the flesh Paul?”

“What? The flesh… yeah. I know I want you right now. I feel you want me.”

Olivia smiled a savvy smile. As beautiful as he was, she felt sorry for him. She felt the need to teach him.  Even if it wouldn’t do him any good. Never the less she wanted him. She began by caressing him. Then she pushed him gently on to the arm chair near her vanity. It was big and comfy. He prepared himself by taking his jacket off. It made her smile. Anticipation. It hurts but it feels so good. She began to remove her long red gloves one at a time. His mouth open. The act was so intense it drove him crazy, his blood boiling. His heart began to race though and he wanted her immediately.

“Patience my dear Paul. Patience.”

She said licking her lips, pulling up her dress and climbing on top of him. Her legs squeezing his hips so strongly he reacted violently burying his face in her chest. He kissed her there pushing her strapless top down revealing her fully. Olivia enjoyed the violent affection so much. She ran her hands through his hair as he continued to eat her. It was not as violent as she would have liked but it was pleasurable. She kept him there for a while. She led his hands to unzip the back of her dress. He was only too eager to do so. She kissed him passionately now and it was then that she felt the hunger grow stronger now.  The taste of his mouth reached her deeply. The sounds of the violence that followed made the crowd dance and frolic down stairs. The birthday girl was getting was she wanted. The evening had been a success.

“Berkley… you’re still here? Did you spend the night?”

“Yes. Gretchen needed attention. You’re neglecting her.”

“She’s a child.”

“All the more reason to lavish your affections on her.”

“She’s my rival Berkley. You know that.”

“Rival or not. You need to handle the matter with caution… my dear you look positively radiant this morning. I take it things were… satisfactory last night?”

“Oh yes! It was quite a delicious evening, though unfortunately rather quick. I shall not deprive myself like that again. But, I did learn something.”

“Did you now! The fabulous Olivia Brown actually learning something new even after all these years.”

“Do be quiet you vile thing! I did. It’s not impossible to learn something new even after all these years.”

“Well come now… you wouldn’t keep such knowledge from an old friend?”

Olivia smiled provocatively. She did like to lead him on. It was… pleasurable. And… after all this time, Berkley, still did affect her with his every word. Clover, the maid, interrupted the old friends with a tray of dark refreshments for the morning. It was only 4a.m. and Olivia only needed a snack as she was quite satisfied after last night’s feast. Clover had known the family for years. She was quiet, and cautious not to look at Olivia directly for fear of being tortured.

“Good pet Clover. You’re so good to us. Have you fed George yet?”

“No child. Not yet. I will do it as soon as I’m done here.”

“No. No need. Gretchen will satisfy him today. She needs to be taught a lesson.”

Clover gripped her apron tightly and her heart burst out of her chest.

“Child…” She whispered with a lingering gasp.

“Yes. Speak up. I can’t hear you.”

“It’s just that…”

“Just that… what?”

“Nothing. Nothing child. I’ll fetch Gretchen then.” Clover said trembling fearfully at the prospect of Gretchen spending any time with George. Berkley remarked on the hesitation.

“My, my Olivia. You’ve certainly let things get soft around here. You’re losing control my dear.”

“What do you mean?”

“You let Gretchen derail from her place in the family. I took her last night and she was very inexperienced to say the least.”

“I’ve tried teaching her!”

“You’ve tried nothing! Then, Clover waltzes in here like she owns the place. You’re not using your whip on her wrists like you used to.”

“Nothing good can come from a servant without the use of her wrists. I didn’t see the need after what happened last time. You really should leave Berkley. You’ve become so bothersome.”

“I see!”

Olivia sipped on her snack and looked away from a furious Berkley storming off. The sound of Gretchen screaming in terror caressing her ears. Soft indeed…


© 2017, 2018 Mel Gutiér

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