The velocity of my love

I crave you with lascivious insolence

Wish to…

Enshrine myself in your heart

Etch your skin with my kiss

Caress your ears with my prose

Sooth your hurt with vociferous adoration

Love on your body with a ruckus of ebullience

Inhale the aroma of your devotion

Swallow the sensuous fluid of your voice

Cradle my silhouette in your sugary dalliance

Imbue murmurous honey around your fingers

Suckle the nectar there of with my entire being

Wildly breathe ripples perfumed in decadent ardor

Exist only in the pleasure of your body against mine

Fasten my essence to your life forever

Accelerate the intensity of the fact… that I love you

© 2018 Mel Gutiér

25 thoughts on “The velocity of my love

      1. You are a work of Art my beautiful! Your architecture is such that love flawlessly shines in every direction and we all feel at home in your cozy structure. Love you!!


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