Smooth Silk

Hello my Lovelies!

Once again executing my brain’s therapy for prompt challenges set forth by Chuck Wendig.  Again… my word count is way off, there’s music and, of course, I am a bit late, like over a week or something.  LOL.  Life and writer’s block, but hey… it’s done.  I did it.  I am grateful to my LemonySugar,  my partner in this forking challenge that I seem to be overcoming with each attempt.  My sweet LemonHeart… your support and friendship mean the world to me.  Hugs and all the love to you.  Thanks for not giving up on me with this forking prompt thing.

So the idea was to choose from a list of prompt titles and go.  I was struggling with this a great deal!  It was forking hard and I was really nervous for some reason. (Wierd prompt phobia.)  However, Lemony had the brilliant idea to choose the title for me and I choose for her.  Tada!  The rest is history.  I hope you enjoy this and I know you will enjoy my lovely LemonySugar’s passionate prose. I know I did!

I walked into the swanky nightclub with high hopes. My sister’s disappearance changed me somehow and I was feeling desperate, angry… anxious. I dug through the obstreperous bodies in motion. The ambience was pink in hue and strobe lights scanned the dancers through smoky mirrors. The crowd was hip and barely dressed. Classy babes busting out of their little black and white dresses while their male counterparts were clad in their nightlife-best. The jet set. What kind of people would run a private investigation agency in a place like this. I didn’t care. The police weren’t doing anything but sit on their asses because there were no signs of a struggle… But I know Haley. I know her. The now. She would never just up and leave. Never. As I made my way through the crowd towards the back of the club, I felt a pair of burly hands grab me, stopping me halfway.


“Who let you in?”

“I can’t hear you!”

“I said… who let you in!”

The guy caught me off guard. He looked me straight in the eyes like the devil himself had gotten a hold him. He was big and round, not necessarily in shape I don’t think, but big enough to kick my ass. What was his deal! I flashed the business card in his face hoping that would allow me to escape any kind of further confrontation. What kind of fucking place was this? I was feeling more nervous with each passing minute. But the agency came highly recommended. I had the money and the connection. There was no turning back. The guy eyed me up… down and shook his head.

“We have a strict dress code! Green T-shirt and jeans… not so much buddy! Come with me!”

Geeze! What an ass whole. I swallowed a gulp that shook my senses into a frenzy. What the hell am I doing here. What if she’s… I was nervous as hell. Too late now. Haley’s life might be in danger. I was desperate and I had no idea that what I was about to walk into, would be the rest of my life.

The guy led me up some stairs in the back of the club. It was dark on the way up and had I not taken hold of the railing, I would have surely tripped or something. Pink light. There was pink light everywhere. The guy opened a red door and there seemed to be a huge space of nothing. It was a blank canvas. The floor was warm in tone and the scent of coconut dusted the place like a paradise. A wide window shone view to the rear parking lot of the place. Right there next to it was a desk. It was blank as well except for a laptop and some blank documents or at least they looked blank. Basically, it was an office that lacked details. Forgive me for noticing but it was bland. The guy pulled up a chair from the corner of the room and motioned me to sit. He said nothing. Something I found curious because a moment ago he was ready to pound me because of my outfit. Now… I was getting nothing.

“So… is this it?”

“You wait here. She’ll come around in a few.”

“There are a few rules though.”

Rules? I was now beyond the nervous tension that fills one with anticipation. I was on the edge. I felt a lump in my throat and couldn’t swallow it. She’s the best there is. That’s all I knew. I tried to focus on that. I heard steps coming from behind the wall in front of me. My breath became heavy. I was somehow able to swallow.

“Okay. What are the rules?”

“No touching. Don’t touch her unless she says it’s okay.”

Touching? What did that mean. My mind was going wild with crazy ideas. What the fuck was going on here! The guy continued as I tried to wrap my mind on how surreal this all was.

“Got it. No touching.”

“She’ll see you alone but… See that camera?”


“We’re watching you. Keep your hands to yourself, don’t touch anything in the room whatsoever and make sure that you wait for her to finish before replying or whatever.”

Okay… this was too weird and just confusing. Isn’t hat the way a conversation works. You wait for the other person to finish and then you reply?

“Okay. Got it. Basically, do nothing until she does what she does. Okay.”

He shook his head in agreement and walked out. Standing there waiting, no more steps audible. I realized neither was the music. I couldn’t hear a damn thing happening outside of this room. Sound proofed? Maybe. The faint scent of coconut became strong. As I looked up from the nervous rant in my head, she hit me like a storm. My mouth opened just enough to let my butterflies out but wider than any of my dreams come true. Beautiful. Blond wavy hair to her shoulders and a pair of crystal blue eyes that made me shiver. She wore a plain white t-shirt and jeans worthy of a thrift store rack. Pink sneakers. She was nothing like what was happening out there. Nothing like the smoky mirrors or pink lights patrolling the place. The music where she lived was beautifully silent and peaceful. The pink hue in her cheeks was natural. No makeup, or barely any. Her lips… her lips… I think paradise would reside in them had they not already met with her heavenly face.

“Hello. Mr. Brown?”

She held out her hand leaning passed me and strangely did not look at me directly. I was eerily conscious that I was being watched or observed. I looked at the camera and then at her. I held out my right hand for hers. She shook it firmly as if trying to prove something. I sensed a vulnerability in that firm grasp.

“Yes. You can call me Robert.”

“Robert. Nice to meet you. Please don’t move stay where you are.”

She felt her way around the desk pulling herself towards me quickly as if I were a magnet. What happened next beat clarity into my head and it calmed me. As instructed, I did not move a single inch in any direction, rather I held my breath until I couldn’t any longer. I was at a loss for words. She came so close almost… she smelled of coconut and musk. She was intoxicating. With my hand still in hers she began to… smell me? What… why? I was…

“Don’t move Robert. Please.”

Her voice was soft yet firm and I found myself drawn to her presence. Her breath connected to me now like a bridge. I found myself lingering in the thought of crossing it. For a moment our eyes locked. As they did, I noticed, again, she was not looking directly at me but passed me. Then as she left me soaked in her breath she revealed her truth. Every calculated move to sit at her desk, the blandness and deafening silence of the place matched her handicap.

“You’re blind?”

“Darn it! I was hoping you wouldn’t notice that!” She said throwing her head back laughing.

A sense of humor. Sweetness and beauty. Don’t touch. I got it immediately. She was being protected in this fire that surrounded her because she was vulnerable. Her voice startled me back to the business at hand.

“Your sister is missing. You smell of lavender. You don’t own a car or at least you didn’t drive one here. The scent of petrichor on you… you rode a… hmmm… motorcycle. Has to be a motorcycle. My guess is that you’re very worried something bad has happened to her and you want answers the police are reluctant to look for. You’ve come to me because of Henry. He’s a nice guy.”

She got everything right. My sister, probably Henry told her, but the motorcycle and the lavender… She could smell the lavender passed the petrichor. I was already impressed. I swallowed again and my mouth opened right after in awe.

“Don’t look so surprised. My sense of smell is loud. I can tell also that you’re nervous and you needn’t be. We’ll find your sister. Dead or alive we’ll find her. Sorry… but death is always an unfortunate possibility. I’ll need you to take me to her home, her room. We’ll do that tonight.”

“Wait. How…”

“How? Just like anything else Robert. I’ll feel my way through. I’ve got super powers.” She said taking a long pink silk scarf from her desk drawer. “See this? Feel it.”

She allowed me to hold it a few seconds until she pulled it gently, letting it glide softly through my hands.

“Smooth silk… unfettered, free of any flaw. That’s how my brain works Robert. My other senses are strong where my eyes fail me.”

I sat in dumbstruck, watching her tie the scarf around her neck in one perfect fluid motion.

“I guess you do have super powers.”

She smiled at that. It made me smile back as I sat there while she began to ask me questions. I answered as best I could, but at the same time, I was far gone from the story I was building. Instead, I found myself drowning in her poignant beauty and the ache in my belly. The ache… the reality… the possibility that Haley might be… dead.

© 2018 Mel Gutiér

36 thoughts on “Smooth Silk

    1. Wow!!! Layne! Thank you so much! I love that remix. I love how music sets the mood and can suck you into a scene! The lyrics also helped me a great deal for this scene.

      Thank you so much for your wonderful support! 😘

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Well crafted, so it was worth having the story be late. You have the sense of surprise , well-mixed with the cookie cutter thug, thrown in for good measure. A hot blind woman, with super powers- I can hardly wait to see how she solves this case.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay!!!! This was worth the wait my dearest princess of the melons…
    This was so wonderfully unexpected! I really hope you will continue this story…
    I was so excited to see this this morning. You do not disappoint melon… xxx

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Prompt machines? Love it! I honestly never thought I would be doing prompts. LOL. I was so deficient and nervous balls all the time. Have you around with me doing this… has helped me a great deal. Thank you my beautiful. I love this. I wonder how long we can keep this up. We should collaborate on one of these at some point. Not this one but we should try to do that. I will actually have to write my ass off if we do that. LOL.

        Hugs! I’m laughing so hard! Your cursing is actually charming to my ears! Muuuaaah!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh! I’m sorry for swearing on your blog! I try not to. But I got lost on where I was…
        We are prompt machines. We are both doing so well… I think it was a good thing for both of us. Facing fears. Facing challenges. But together it makes it easier.
        Our next challenge? To post them on time bahahahahahahahahahahaha

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  3. Man, I loved this so much… I love the hardboiled, love the first person, love the detective even though he’s a client, and so… I absolutely loved everything about this piece! There’s absolutely no indication you had any trouble with this – it’s so fluid, and… I’m not gonna lie… When I hit the end of the post, I literally went “OH MAN, it’s over?!?!” I wanted it to keep going. Your writing is so good, so fluid, so smooth, I just got sucked into this story.

    You’re dreamy. I’m your biggest fan for a very good reason!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. This made me smile so hard! My face hurt. You’re so sweet and wonderful to me. Thank you my darling for your support and for your time. I truly am very lucky to have you.

      Who knows… there might be more. I didn’t reveal her name for a reason. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I was very sure there was more. 😉
        I love your ability to write anything, with full force and all everything you have. I love your talent!

        Liked by 2 people

    1. You are lovely for visiting! The song yes! I imagined Robert walking through the night club while this played. And the lyrics match the undertones of the story line a little. It was partly what inspired it. 😊

      Thank you so much! Have a lovely day!

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