Touch and Listen Closely

I walk in lifetimes with you by my side
Dreaming of the day I’ll see you
I reach out to the universe and hold you
Through everything in life, console you
I won’t let courage escape you
I won’t let fear overtake you
For you are my soulmate and I surrender

Your words to me are love personified
Enveloping me
Bathing my face in sugary warmth
Caramel whispers surrounding me
As my salty sea bathing your heart
Drowns us both in a passionate kiss

Never letting you doubt how much I love you
Never letting you forget you’re the sky that sustains me
Never letting you see a lifetime… without me

© 2018 Mel Gutiér

This is the response companion piece to this beautiful CLEVER.

39 thoughts on “Touch and Listen Closely

  1. My love, I couldn’t have wished for a better companion…;) and the poem parallel is beautiful and perfect. Lifetimes I have imagined and dreamed, and lifetimes swimming, bathed in the warmth of your sea let me walk the earth unafraid, cloaked in your love.

    Dream with me, and walk with me, and one day…

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