“I drank pickle juice and liked it” – A Labyrinth

Why would I do a thing like that? I don’t know… I haven’t got a clue! All I know is that there were no more pickles and the taste was lingering in my brain and asking for closure so… took the jar and took a delightfully acidic dose of the juice. It was… yummy and I really liked it. Don’t even… it was good. The acidic potion licked my esophagus hard and sank in blissful punch in my stomach. Somewhere in there it all went wrong. Aww… the birds are chirping so nicely. I really love that sound. Breathe sigh… spring… love it. Umm… hmmm… yeah… pickle juice can be a metaphor for something… umm… I will let YOU tell me later. All I know is that I’ve loved the taste of it since I was a young child. That and Alka-Seltzer tablets dissolving on my tongue. Umm… don’t ask. I have no idea why I was allowed to do that as a child. It obviously hasn’t affected me any. Wait… has it?

I know… this is going nowhere fast! Like faster than lightning and then… I’m not sure. My brain said… write something! So, I did… I am. Writing and listening to all kinds of tunes!  Pajama dancing and trying to write… something… anything.  Aww… the birds… so sweet their song. After the acid kicks in, you kind of start to twitch a bit like you’ve done something wrong. And yeah… it aches a little, but haven’t you ever done something like that? Writing, I mean. Take a blank in your head and fill it up with nonsense. I do it all the time, but I try not to publish a lot of these. This one, however, well… it made the cut. I’m wondering though… does this nonsense make sense? I don’t really care… because I’m writing and that is all that matters to me write now. The effects of my head on my heart and back to my head again, just put me in this way and that. What causes me to be so enamored with silly brilliance? If I may be so bold to mimic a friend!  I humbly bow down and take my place next to them, giggly and in awe of their radiance.

How could I reach the star that you are to me? Your brilliance is loud like a cloud covering the sun. I’m lost in the acid hue of everlasting ache. I melt each time I see you and I soar with delight when I breathe you in. I can’t remember a time when you weren’t a part of me. I can’t imagine a time that you won’t be with me. Oh… my goodness… and the air is jealous! So jealous, for you are now keeping me alive in its place. My lungs are filled with the feel of you… the echo of your love for me. Sweet this jar… I drink you up and the ache that seemed vile is now delicious caramelized bits of your kisses. Reincarnated essence of luscious sweetness carved out in our embrace. I’m not gonna lie… I love every bit of you. Melting me… kissing me… swallowing me… killing me… so many beautiful little deaths… sweet… tender… ravenous deaths… I’m in. I surrender… I have no idea what else I could compare such a love to… how would I even begin to decipher the strength of it? Impossible! It is just that strong… the taste of… YOU.

© 2018 Mel Gutiér

35 thoughts on ““I drank pickle juice and liked it” – A Labyrinth

  1. Seems like I am gatecrashing into a private party now yet can’t stop:

    “I drink you up and the ache that seemed vile is now delicious caramelized bits of your kisses. Reincarnated essence of luscious sweetness carved out in our embrace.”

    Loved this bit. And cloud covering the Sun? Pure love ❤

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  2. I love pickle juice too… something about it being part naughty, and part something you shouldn’t like, but you do…
    Tunes, music can often bring us gifts we weren’t looking for, memories we haven’t made yet, and inspire feelings on top of feelings on top of feelings, layers, delicious layers that are buried deep yet are always accessible at all times.

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