Answering CLEVER questions

Hello lovelies!  Just some fun and love!  I came across this old post from a dear and beloved friend. So… I decided to answer not one but all of the questions. These were done spur of the moment without having read the comments or anything so I don’t know what others posted on the original.  My responses are in bold.

Here I go…

1. Do you love me?
Hmm… let me think… LOL.  Of course I do silly man!  Most definitely YES!

2. Could you please choose a shitty name for my newborn daughter?
Razor Blades White Sands

3. How much is Spanish?
Free when you ask for it with a kiss!

4. Which of my eyes is your favorite?
The middle one… the other two are too bright!

5. Is black licorice literally worse than shit?
Depends on which kind of shit you’ve tasted!

6. What’s your fucking problem with owls? Huh?
They fuck with me all the time… they don’t really give a hoot and I don’t care for the judging eyes thinking they’re all better than I am and shit!

7. Is it acceptable to say ‘gesundheit’ to someone having a biological function besides sneezing?
I suppose you’ll have to try that out on someone besides me… I don’t speak bodily functions all that well.

8. Can you read this?
No… I’m pretending to read though, so I can answer these somewhat well enough to make you chuckle and/or kiss me… I would like to stir your desires that way so that I can benefit 100% of the time. (*wink*)

9. What dictator would you marry?
YOU! You’re quite the dictator of my heart of late!

10. Is it racist to prefer African elephants over Asian?
Yeah… but somehow, I don’t think either race of elephants would take offense because peanuts taste good on both continents.

11. What is the shittiest song that has a drink in it?
I want to say the song that plays with cold meds attached to it. Because if you drink too much, you might have to take a shit somewhere quick!

12. What is your favorite color airport?
The invisible one. I like my airports free of travel and long distance as I would miss you too much!

13. How fun was that trip to the grocery store, eh?
I remember it fondly. I enjoyed the sound of your voice, your laughter and most of all that kiss and stuff!(*wink*)

14. Who is your favorite member of AKB48?
They’re all cute and sound the same so… can’t really give you an answer that wouldn’t require google translate. Who the fuck are they anyway? LOL!

15. Paper or plastic lubrication?
Oooh… a lube job is better served naked and in the garage… you know… the garage in your heart… the kind that slips and slides and glides nicely all over In and Out Burger! LOL!

16. Do you want fries with that?
Nope! I’d like to have YOU with that! You’re tasty and you’re all I need!

17. How many times do I have to tell you?
So many times… I love the sound of your voice and the things you have to say to me… I’m sorry but repetition from you is bliss!

18. Best murder in history?
Is the one where you get to annihilate time and distance so we can just be!

19. What is the weirdest thing you’ve had in your body?
I can’t answer that… or can I?

20. Which condiment goes best on a knuckle sandwich?
Your love… because it will stop a knuckle sandwich in its tracks!

21. Do you snore when you sleep while you’re driving?
That’s funny you should ask. I normally don’t but when the weather is bad and if the windows are down… I tend to snore a bit distracting all oncoming traffic and that’s how I survive. Actually… I’m not sure because I’m asleep… but I’m sure that I love you!

22. How many licks does it take to get to the center of attention?
Oh man… you wanna come over and find out? (*wink*)

23. What is your favorite Lady Gaga meat flavor?
The raw kind where I can let go and be wild and uninhibited… or this one…

Dance with me babe!

24. Is it hot in here or is it just you?
I hope it’s not just me… I’m kind of hoping it’s you too!

25. What the fuck, dude?
I know! Right? He just came up and got in front of us with his gigantic ass all hairy and shit! Bastard!

Love you CLEVER!



53 thoughts on “Answering CLEVER questions

  1. Ward Clever

    1. Good!

    2. That’s terrible! Perfect.

    3. ¡Besos, por favor!

    4. My third eye? I have bright eyes? *looks at own eyes* *sees spots* Awww man!

    5. Black licorice is terrible.

    6. Owl leave in your swearing, because whoooooo am I to say it’s bad?

    7. What if they’re crying? Do you say ‘Excuse me’? If they cough, do you say ‘Yahoo!’? What if they have a orgasm? What do you say then?

    8. Bestir my beating heart… and stuff…

    9. A benevolent one, I hope. Like a king. the king of hearts. Yeah. The king of YOUR heart.

    10. They never forget.

    11. Never take a laxative and a sleeping pill at the same time.

    12. The invisible one… right! Makes sense! Where else would Wonder Woman land her plane?

    13. I love handling your goods. 😉

    14. I had to look this up. I remembered ‘J-pop girl group’… but they have 130 members! lol

    15. Can I park my car in your garage overnight?

    16. That answer is amazing. Wait… what’s that that I’m with? I’m a side dish. lol

    17. Awww… I love you.

    18. I love what you did with this answer! Killing time.

    19. You can answer that. Yes. Offline if you like.

    20. Awww… Man! I love you.

    21. I love you too! And I guess I’ll find out if you snore.

    When you’re driving. 😉

    22. Yes. Yes I do. *wink*

    23. OMG Kim Deal lives 20 miles away from here!
    I’ll dance with you anytime. 🙂

    24. It’s us. We’re hot in here.

    25. Like, I’m all, dude….

    Love you too, Mel!

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  2. Anand

    Loved reading this one. You remember that question I asked you? Yes, that one, a long ago. Now that has kinda been answered completely–I am satisfactorily satisfied. Thank you 😀 😀 😀 ❤

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Anand

        Alright. There was post in which she was appealing someone and it was about love. In the comments I asked her who it was about and she said I would know when that happens. I came to know clearly about it in last few days and my curiosity was satisfied. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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