Nobody’s Fool

Her doe eyes were like a drug to him.  Seducing his senses, stirring all his focus towards her.  The game was on.  He read her through the lies that fleshed out with each touch.  He didn’t care, he smiled as her body spoke to him in aggressive tones distinct only to her silhouette.  She gave in and surrendered to his lyrics and he sang to her through the night.  Each lick of her melody resounding through the shadows of midnight’s smoky mirror.  Hazy trails of honey ardently beseeching more… more… kisses.. more… more… touches… bliss.  He left nothing out and she exclaimed with every ounce of voiced delight she had.  It brought him more pleasure than imaginable.  His body in breathless sweet fatigue.

She looked at the time over his shoulder as he kissed her neck to the rhythm of her arched back.  It would not be easy to leave… it would not be easy to find release from the pain she kept hidden.  Her thoughts were black and white clarity, resolve. At last, night turned to morning and morning turned to reality. She didn’t bother to get dressed but only slipped her coat on taking one last look at him in lingering ache.  Just like that, she walked out as gracefully as she had walked into his life.  He awoke to the scent of her warm embrace on the sheets that choked him to tears when he realized… she was gone forever.

© 2018 Mel Gutiér

22 thoughts on “Nobody’s Fool

    1. I do… Sigh… CLEVER wrote a companion to this. I need to link it. Check the comments for it. He is so introspective. I’m just writing a love story and reaching out for her. But CLEVER went and cried for both of them. So good.


    1. She knew he was lying… she loved him so much, but in the end… he couldn’t offer her more than time between the sheets. She was not doing it anymore. One last night… she gave herself that memory and left. Ah… love. Does not discriminate and neither does the heartache that sometimes accompanies it.

      Love your visits. 😊

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  1. When two people need each other, for a time…and one finds he needs just a little bit more… leaves a lasting effect and a memory that can’t wash away. Some memories can’t wash away. This memory won’t wash away.

    You are such a great writer, Mel! You have a talent that I could never touch. But I want to.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You’re beautiful with your comment. And I am humbled that you think this way about my writing. My heart is swollen and everything feels right. Thank you for your warmth and support and friendship.

      Smiling. Big!

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