Falling apart, enslaved by all your parts

My heaven opens to your touch

The length of me aching from the journey

Drenched in the raw honey of your kiss

Losing myself in your tender love

Supine… powerless beneath your sky

Swimming breaths along your universe

Invisible stars… bright

Bathing in your ethereal music

Prisoner to limerence… you are mine

Dreaming in hues of aurora’s song

Watching you through phosphenes

Sonorous quivers… our bodies… one

We settle content, entwined… undone

© 2018 Mel Gutiér











36 thoughts on “Syzygy

  1. Wow! Your description is so vivid, you can almost envision the steam rising from these two. In addition to a wonderful poem, you have used one of my favorite words in the English language. Isn’t syzygy just marvelous in every way? Plus, you taught me a new word! Limerence is now in my vocabulary. Mel, you are a marvel!

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    1. You are too kind!! I just love you Linda. Thank you! I live these two words as well. Syzygy is one of those words that does not sound like it could mean anything. And I love the innocent sound of “limerence” when it’s not so innocent. 😉 Two words I was happy to find a home for. Everything aligns when you’re in love! 😊😘

      Always nice to see you. Hugs! And you are a treasure! 😍 I wish I were in a Marvel movie! 😅

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