Dreaming out loud

Sometimes… if I’m quiet enough, I can hear my dreams of you echo in my heart.  They turn inside me like pinwheels in the wind.  Colorful and warm breezes surrendering to all my thoughts, swaying my feelings this way and that.  I can feel you through me, spreading like a wild fire.  You are untamed in me.  Running… roaring inside me, warming my blood… causing sweet ache.  It spreads from my core to my chest out of my mouth into breathe sighs that never end.  Never seize because… you are who you are and still… you love me.  You’re spreading your wings and they protect me… shelter me… envelope me… letting nothing out except the delicious mouthed efforts of love near my ear, your sweet breaths swooning me.  You are the dream… I dare to dream… the one I dare to love… the one that takes my breath away.  I’m free… alive… invigorated in this dreamy state I feel.  I feel it with you… want it with you.  You make me dream the dreams I want, harder than during the blur of when I was without you.  Now… this moment… I can feel your arms surrounding me, embracing me… holding me.  I’m not ready for the jolt but it explodes.  Drops of your sugar all around me… your smile catches my flutter and I’m forever changed… forever taken… forever in love… forever swimming… in your sky.

© 2018 Mel Gutiér

22 thoughts on “Dreaming out loud

  1. “You make me dream the dreams I want, harder than during the blur of when I was without you. ”
    This took my breathe away and then that song and then something more and more. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. I am overwhelmed and surrounded by your waves, teasing me apart and folding me back together better than I was.

    This was just absolutely amazing and beautiful, Mel!

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