MEL! (or, Friction In Her Head)

I couldn’t help but share this wonderful write! Must read, not because of me but because it is pure brilliance! I’ve enjoyed reading this prolific writer forever. I’d hate for anyone to miss out.

This CLEVER is outstanding! I laughed I cried and those of you who are familiar with some of the characters will love it! He wrote them perfectly and those of you who are not… you will love it just the same because this is fantastic.

Thank you my lovely CLEVER! Not only are you an incredibly witty and amazing writer but you’re a beautiful soul. I’m touched deeply on a daily basis by your love and affection… your heart. You’ve made my day in so many ways today as you do always. You’re just so witty and CLEVER my friend!!! I adore you! Aishiteru!

Ward Clever

This here post is in honor of the birthday of a special and important person in my life, Mel Gutier! She is my best friend, my partner in music, romance and writing, and she is an amazing person, wonderful writer and a beautiful tender soul.

MEL! I am pleasantly surprised by you every single day. I love how we constantly run into some random connection we didn’t know we had. I love all we’ve shared and how close we’ve become. Most of all, I adore that you are a warm and caring soul, a beautiful and giving person, and someone who is loved by everyone who meets you. They are all touched by your grace and talent. Thank you for your wisdom and guidance when I needed it, which sometimes looks like bossiness but no, it’s wisdom and guidance! *wink* I love the characters and stories you invent, the…

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