In the quiet of your love

I drink in solitude the words that touch me so

With shadows cast over my heart, I wait patiently

For the next window, the next door to let you through

I am not alone… yet my quiet soliloquy resonates

Resounding, aching, acknowledging oxygen

Inhaling forgiveness and exhaling acceptance

I hear your voice and relax into the sound of your breath

The soothe that heals me… makes me swoon

I’m no longer myself, but the half, the other part of you

I am quietly residing in the us that is pending in time

Together alone… until we can be alone… together

© Mel Gutiér

This is a very simple poem but my heart was way in it and I was listening to this song while it poured out.  It’s normally the way this works for me.  I don’t really think too much. I just let it out.  I hope it turned out to your liking.  I have to include the song because I love it and it holds a special meaning for me.  I have never felt it more so than I do right now, this moment… this time in my life.  Don’t know what it is… but I seem to want to poet more so than before… must be in the air I breathe at night.  (*wink*)



60 thoughts on “In the quiet of your love

    1. Life is twisty sometimes. Gotta un-puzzle one’s own life before giving yourself fully. It takes a lot of work, patience, perseverance and faith to stay the course… in the quiet of love.

      Happy you liked it. 😉

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      1. Well… let’s not get carried away. LOL! Forever is a long time. Maybe a couple of years. Yes… but not forever. Only two people, together, can survive forever but one person… alone. Nuh uh! Nope. I am 100% confident… that when it is meant to be… it WILL be.

        Hope it is a happily ever after sooner rather than later. Hugs to the LoneyAuthor… may he be lonely… not for long.

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      1. Love you right back gorgeous! I love this in-between tale. He’s so good at this. I keep wanting him to make everything into a novel. LOL! I’m sure he’s annoyed by now. LOL.


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