Slave to Love – Falling

I weaken under the sky of his intense gaze.  The one that slices sexy every which way up between my… thoughts.  I take a breath just before collapsing into his arms, hypnotized by soft lingering daggers.  A tender cafuné leads to his devouring of my lips, quenching a hungry thirst.  My heart, imprisoned.  Flames ignite a heated dance and it is not the vastness of his affection, but the origin of his love, that keeps me here.  He knows me… what I need… what I want… and nothing comes close to falling this way.  Consumed by his touch… I end.  I am completely overcome, swimming in the pleasure, spoiled in the sweetness as he sculpts between the thighs of longing.  My body, a canvas come to life with the masterpiece of an intricate work of passion.

© 2018 Mel Gutiér

35 thoughts on “Slave to Love – Falling

  1. Ward Clever

    I absolutely love this sexy write, and the sexy longing accompanying song. They go together well like… the sea and the sky.
    “A tender cafuné leads to his devouring of my lips, quenching a hungry thirst.” – this line sounds and feels deliciously predictive. As does this one from the song:
    “You reshape me like butterfly origami”…
    It would be a lucky man, indeed, who could enact and reenact these two lines, over and over, with the graceful and sensuous blue author kicking off the first act, and the green paramour joining her to perform the denouement. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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