Slave to Love – Falling

I weaken under the sky of his intense gaze.  The one that slices sexy every which way up between my… thoughts.  I take a breath just before collapsing into his arms, hypnotized by soft lingering daggers.  A tender cafuné leads to his devouring of my lips, quenching a hungry thirst.  My heart, imprisoned.  Flames ignite a heated dance and it is not the vastness of his affection, but the origin of his love, that keeps me here.  He knows me… what I need… what I want… and nothing comes close to falling this way.  Consumed by his touch… I end.  I am completely overcome, swimming in the pleasure, spoiled in the sweetness as he sculpts between the thighs of longing.  My body, a canvas come to life with the masterpiece of an intricate work of passion.

© 2018 Mel Gutiér

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