Reading Friends and Favorites

Hello my lovelies!  Hope you are well.  I’m trying a bit of fun, something new.  For this segment, I will be reading friends and favorite poets/writers, out loud.  I would like to do this on a weekly basis.  Just thought it would be a fun way to pay tribute to you all and share what I like.  I will tag the post RFF moving forward.

Big surprise… I am starting with the CLEVER man.  I did ask his permission a while back before doing this.  (Remember?)  Anyway, I swam in deep into his sky for this, a year back.  I scrolled the titles and chose something that captured me.  I read it a few times and let it simmer.  Yummy!  I absolutely loved it as soon as I started reading it.  He is such a lovely poet, creative and boy… is he prolific!

I highly encourage you to click the title and read the sexy CLEVER… before, while you listen or after.  Either way I think it is a meal cooked up perfectly. (*wink*)

Sensuous Skin, Al Dente  by Ward CLEVER read by moi.

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