Some courage please

Heavy thoughts drowning me whole

Heart is swollen, beating for…

Courage is lacking, relapse can happen

I’ve lost my bearings

My footing

My soul is missing in action

Dreams in constant flutter

A butterfly searching

Meaning without flame

Wishes without heat

Frozen river cracking

Life feels unbearable

My body a magnet

Falling to a cold metal floor

“Get up!”

Yeah sure…

Simple command

Difficult to execute

© 2018 Mel Gutiér

38 thoughts on “Some courage please

      1. Okay….didn’t expect you to respond with antagonism… It just means that I don’t want to think of you and our friendship lost but i do. And in that thought process I think, how are you? That’s the most literal way I can explain my words.

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    1. My lovely! I’ve learnedly my lesson. I’m good. I am certain I made the correct choice for myself, my life. No worries! I hope I get to meet you one day. I WOULD like a Linda hug! I wouldn’t mind spending time there and writing a spooky story. 😅😉.

      All is well. Promise! 😍😘

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      1. Everyone except the Sheriff’s deputy who died. The killer was at the top of Boston’s FBI most wanted list. It was quite exciting to have them here along with law enforcement of every type. There were over 200 cops looking for him for four days. It’s a long story but they found him in the end.

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      2. Haha! Wendy, the friend who comes to clean for us saw cops all over town with road blocks just down the road. I woke up to her messaging family members making sure everyone was alright. I went into the kitchen and there was a loaded gun on the counter. She asked if it bothered me. I said: “hell no, I’m gonna load mine!”

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      3. Oh hon, you don’t know the half of it. Bill worked at the school next door to the house where the body was found. We knew the victim slightly. Bill works with the lady who found the body. It’s icky all the way around, but it’s over! Now we get to hear all of the court stuff for months on end.

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