The man in my head

Hello my lovelies.  I am working on organizing this blog, wanting to start fresh in a way and I came across this steamy write.  It happened back in October of 2017.  I was doing this 100 day thing.  Some of you may remember.  I’m re-posting it for fun. I felt I was reading someone else for some reason.  LOL. (Didn’t edit or anything so…)

He only exists there, between my fears and dreams vacationing in my belly with all my butterflies. He’s a work of fiction come to life in the pages of my life. His eyes dark and longing for my embrace. He is strong and gentle in the sexiest form of cool strut towards me. He slays in bed while my heart salivates at the puzzles trying to comprehend his touch. I’m blown away watching as he solves my labyrinth without breaking a sweat. I melt when he reads my mind so perfectly it oozes out of me in kisses. Destruction between my thighs. It aches to touch him. He’s built just right. Tall, maybe dark, maybe not, but surely well in the softest places. Erect in his desire for me. Raping my thoughts, corrupting my spirit, taking me there in moans and breaths fixed on desire. He turns me. He begs me. He ruptures my core without touching it. His gaze destroys me into bliss. His violent caress making me float into a little bit of Heaven and then… ecstasy!

Strong hands. Broad shoulders protecting me, cradling me. He loses his wits around me and then slays me with the nectar of poetry. It’s him, his body, his perfect self, muscular support. Weak in the knees handsome, sexy, funny, charming, tough, tender, sweet, loving, unforgiving, all the worst and best of me. He’s the one with all the plans so I don’t have to. He’s the angel I love to corrupt and the devil I desire to travel with, into the darkness, dancing in the fire of orgy infested touch. Tough, strong, loud, passionate, intelligence beyond the head. I’ve got him trapped in my dreams, in the pages of my life.

I want him to escape for reals. For sure. I want him here next to me. His touch, his body, his mind, his soul, his everything. I want him here, deep inside me while I do my dance underneath his prison. I want him close, so I can breathe in his lust, his passion and come back to life in his hands holding my body softly then violently raping my forbidden edges until I bleed out sound contorted. Breathe… sigh… moan… moan… bliss.

Hurt me good! Leave me wanting! Make me… crazy! Touch… me… there… here… more… more… everywhere! Lick me… eat me… feast on me! I’d let him do anything and everything because his dark hair is perfectly wavy.  His stubble grinds paradise on my body scarring it, baptizing it. It hurts so good. It hurts… delicious! Yes… yes… yes… yesssssss! Mmmm… cradled in him feels so… I’m lost, sore, wasted, collapsed on his hot sultry frame. Peaceful bliss.  I want…

Wake up Mel!

Ah… right… breathe… sigh… he’s a dream, a work of fiction… the man in my head.

© 2017 2018 Mel Gutiér

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